Success Lessons from a Razor

This is the transcript of the farewell message to Class 12 students delivered by Mr. Mathew Abraham who is the founder of
Dear students,

Most of you have completed 12 years of schooling here in this vidyalaya. You were so far in a protected environment. Now the time has come for us to leave you to the wild wild world outside, where everyone is a stranger. You have to explore the outer world, struggle, learn from experiences and finally lead a successful life.

Success is not a one time affair. We wish that you must be embracing success through out your life. I didn’t mean to say that there shouldn’t be any failure. To fail and remain in failure is death. To fail and rise again till you win is real life. Failure is also a part of life; but those who learn from failures succeed at last. History says Abraham Lincoln failed many times than he succeeded; but we don’t keep in mind his failures, we remember and glorify his successes. Thomas Alva Edison, he failed and failed and failed a thousand times or more (in making the incandescent lamp) but finally he succeeded and we are utilizing his inventions with gratitude. The innate spirit to win help you win .

If you were not doing good in academics through out the year, don’t worry, you can start today. Because it is always better late than never. Decide how much you want to score in exams and plan your work accordingly. Take up things in mission mode. You have 12 days before exams, utilize them effectively, success will be yours. The past is gone – forget the errors of the past. Today is in your hand. What you do today decides your future.

Today morning when I was shaving, my mind was struck by a new idea. I thought on what makes a smooth shave? I found that Four things are important.

  1. Proper Foaming (Lathering)
  2. Strong Blade
  3. Sharp Blade
  4. The right inclination of the blade

The lather helps increasing the effectiveness of the shaving process. It helps proper interaction between the blade and the face.

The right inclination is the most important thing. Even if you have a strong and sharp blade and proper lathering, a wrong inclination will cut your face.

Can we relate this observation to real life?

The face is the world. You are the blade fitted on to the razor. The lathering which makes the shaving smooth is the environment – the teachers, school and society; The strength of the blade represents your physical and mental strength (Your will power). The sharpness of the blade represents your intelligence and wisdom. and, the inclination represents your attitude. Even if you are strong and intelligent, if you don’t have the right attitude, you will not taste success. It is rightly said,

“Your attitude determines your altitude”

A learned criminal is more dangerous than a savage.

At this moment, while we send you out, I pray for your ultimate success, including the Board exam which is about to start in a few days from now and wish all your good dreams come true.

All the best. God Bless You”

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