Reference Books in Physics Suggested by CBSE for class XI and XII students

1.      Fundamentals of Physics

–         David Halliday, Robert Resnick, Jearl Walker

       Asian Books Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi


2.      Facets of Physics :  A conceptual Approach   

 West Publishing Company


3.      University Physic

–         H.D Young, M.W.Zemansky and F.W.Sears

       Narosa Pub. House


4.      Physics – Foundations and Frontiers

–         George Gamow and J.M.Clearland

       Tata Mcgraw Hill


5.      College Physics

–         R L Weber, K.V Manning, M.W.White & G.A Weygard

      Tata Mcgraw Hill


6.      College Physics

–         Reymond A.Sarvey and Jerry S.Fanghan

       Harcourt Brace & Co.


7.      Principles of Physics

                    – Raymond A.Serway & John W.Jewett, Jr.


8.      The Elements of Physics

                    I.S Grant & W.R. Phillips


9.      Physics can be fun

–         Y. Perelman, Mir Publishers


10. Advanced level Physics M.Nelkon & P.Parker

–         Arnold – Heinemann


11.  Success in Physics – Tom Duncan

                        John Murray Publications Ltd.


12.  Success in Electronics – Tom Duncan

–         John Murray Publications Ltd.


13.  Concepts of Physics – H.C.Verma

                        Bharti Bhawan Publishers


14.  3000 Solved Problems in Physics

                        Alvin Halpern

                        Schaum’s solved problem series

                        Tata Mcgraw Hill


15.  Mcgraw Hill’s Dictionary of Physics


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