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  1. Two point charges of 16 micro coulomb and -9 mC are placed 8cm apart in which position the electric field become zero?and how we find this solution generally Asked aleena shyam
  2. particles of masses m¹=2g,m² =2g,m³=1g and m⁴=1g are placed at the corners of a square of side l, as shown. find the center of mass of the system with respect the m¹ Asked suheeb Ahmad
  3. Recently scientist have proved that gravitational waves travel through space fabric and any mass object distorts the space fabric because of which we fill gravitational pull. My question is if the theory of gravity because of distorted space fabric is correct what is the axis of mass object and why do we feel gravity all around the earth weather we are on north pole or south pole ? I think as the theory is correct gravity must work only in downwards direction towords the distorted space fabric centre not all around the mass object ? Asked anant tripathi
  4. two blocks of mass A amd B are coupled by a spring. they are placed on a frictionless table. the spring is stretched and that kinetic energy of A/kinetic energy of B = mass of B/mass of A. Asked sandeep rawat
  5. why the speed of light remain constant ? Asked sagarpaul
  6. Suppose we have a magnet and a coil at sufficiently large distances apart such that any movement of magnet can not be known instantly at the coil, as change in magnetic field travels at the speed of light. Now, if i give magnet some kinetic energy. After moving to some distance, i stop the magnet. This change in magnetic field reaches to coil and it will generate current opposing motion of magnet. But, magnet is already at rest so when this opposing magnetic field will reach at the magnet, the magnet will gain kinetic energy in opposite direction and this will in turn produce current in coil again. isn’t this violating energy conservation law, as magnet is not going to feel any resistance instantaneously. Asked Hemalkumar Pansuriya
  7. A particle projected from the ground passes two points, which are t heights h1= 12m and h2= 18m above the ground and at a distance d=10 m apart. what would be the minimum speed of the projection? acceleration due to gravitation is g= 10m/s sq. Asked aranya sen
  8. I am trying to figure out an important puzzle/riddle. What am I describing? Iron ingots set like bricks in a wall/barrier formation. Between the ingots is burning wood and coal. Molten copper is poured over this structure filling the gaps between the iron ingots. Finally the barrier solidifies as a solid object. Iron ingots using copper as the mortar between the ingots. What would be the abilities of a barrier with such a construction? Asked  David Levy
  9. What are the different types of electron-based and photon-based spectroscopic characteriation, that can be carried out for a novel nanomaterial to determine its phase formation, lattice constant and optical absorption properties? Also explain type of information one can obtain. Asked Prabhu
  10. In the figure point P is at a distance d1 = 3.95 m from particle 1 (q1 = -6e) and distance d2 = 2.08 m from particle 2 (q2 = +6e), with both particles fixed in place. (a) With V =0 at infinity, what is V at P? If we bring a particle of charge q3 = +6e from infinity to P, (b) how much work do we do and (c) what is the potential energy of the three-particle system? see Asked mahmoud

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