Prepare for Physics oral test too during lockdown

Plus Two Physics Oral Test series

Many schools have started oral questioning also as part of diagnostic and formative assessment. The initiative was started after finding that those students who couldn’t score good marks are now scoring very high marks conducted online or offline in flipped mode. To assure whether the students actually know the concepts, the teachers have started asking oral questions as part of evaluation and to justify the score obtained by the students in tests (MCQ or descriptive).

We are starting a series of conceptual Question & Answer series for class 12 Physics, which will help you answer the questions asked orally.


  1. What is frictional electricity?
  2. What is electrostatics?
  3. What is static electricity?
  4. Name two devices which work on the basis of static electricity.
  5. What is the cause of frictional electricity?
  6. What is triboelectric series?
  7. State the principle of quantisation of charge.
  8. State the principle of conservation of charge.
  9. Explain additive nature of charge.
  10. What is the nature of force between unlike charges and like charges?
  11. State Coulomb’s law.
  12. What are the limitations of Coulomb’s law?
  13. State the principle of superposition of electrostatic force.
  14. What do you mean by linear density of charge?
  15. What do you mean by surface charge density?
  16. How can you prove that there are two kinds of charges?
  17. How can you prove that like charges repel and unlike charges attract?
  18. What are dielectric and non electric substances?
  19. What is the effect of placing a dielectric in between two charges on the force between them?
  20. Define relative permittivity or dielectric constant of a medium?
  21. What is the value of absolute electric permittivity of free space?
  22. What is the unit of relative permittivity (or dielectric constant)?
  23. What is the unit of absolute permittivity?
  24. Define dielectric constant of a medium in terms of force between two point charges.
  25. If the force between two point charges of magnitude q each separated by a distance r is F, then how will the force between the two charges be affected if a third point charge 4q is kept at a distance 2r from either of the charges?

(We are not posting the answers now. Please try to answer in the comment box quoting the question number. Alo ask if you don’t know the answers, quoting the question number.)

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