Possibility of a nuclear fusion reactor

JED asks: ” Why hasn’t anyone built a nuclear fusion reactor using polodial (?) magnetic fields?

When 2 parallel wires have current running in the same direction, they attract each other

When those same 2 wires have current running in opposite directions, they repel each other

Why hasnt anyone built one where positively ionised deuterium is forced through to doughnut shaped apparatus that contains ionised hydrogen travelling in the opposite direction

This should create a strong repulsion between the ionised deuterium in the centre and the ionised hydrogen in the containment field apparatus (like a coiled up phone cord made into a doughnut shape)

With enough hydrogen running through the containment field apparatus at a high enough speed (relativistic most likely), there would be sufficient force compressing the ions to cause them to fuse, if the fuel was forced through at a rate of 0.8 – 1 gram per second with an average ion speed between 200,000,000 m/s and 300,000,000 m/s

I know about Zpinch instability, but the way the reactor is designed (it also needs a powerful current travelling in the same direction as the fuel, this will induce it to accelerate more, and will allow energy extraction from the fused ions passing out of the pinch point

The size of the reactor depends on the difficulty of containing hydrogen ions moving at relativistic speeds

It is meant to bypass the disadvantages of a Z-pinch reactor (by having a containment field generated by heavy, moving ions, through a path of no resistance

the reactor vessel would have to be a tube, as small as possible while still able to keep a vacuum and keep the fuel path clear, the containment field apparatus would also be made of tubes, designed to contain the ions and direct them around the pinch point with the highest possible current

my main question is
“would it work?(pretty much the same as “why hasn’t anyone built one yet?”)” and
“will you give me credit for design/concept if you decide to build it?” (not so much for the money for the actual reactor, but the scientific recognition so I can test out my other ideas and be taken seriously)

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