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  • Strike while the iron is hot !
    AskPhysics Blog Feed Dear students, CBSE has given you more time for exams. We have approximately 7 days before the Physics exams. How to use this seven days effectively for a thorough revision is very important. 7-8 days of sleeping is a must. One hour of exercise 1 to 2 hours for break fast lunch […]
  • Dreams come true only for those who do their part
    AskPhysics Blog Feed I was recently narrating the life story of a girl from Dindigul who got married to a police constable at the age of 14. She was not even reached class 10. She became the mother of two kids by the age of 18. During that time she had to accompany her husband […]
    AskPhysics Blog Feed “The Philosophers who worked in search of the Philosophers’ stone and those set themselves dedicated to find the elixir of life”The works of those in search of the Philosopher’s stone didn’t go in vain, They made the beginning. The beginning itself was so wonderful that anyone who got touched by the idea […]
  • Quarks, conservation, entanglement
    AskPhysics Blog Feed Doubt from AskPhysics.comI have heard the following statements-> 1. Quarks always exist in a group of 2 or 3, and can not stand alone. 2. Protons are made up of 2 up quarks, and 1 down quark. 3. Quantum mechanics allows us to entangle a particle by somehow dividing it into 2(For […]
  • Prepare for Physics oral test too during lockdown
    AskPhysics Blog Feed Plus Two Physics Oral Test series Many schools have started oral questioning also as part of diagnostic and formative assessment. The initiative was … Prepare for Physics oral test too during lockdown The post Prepare for Physics oral test too during lockdown appeared first on Ask Physics.
  • Theory of Relativity
    AskPhysics Blog Feed The basic concepts of relativity are explained in a very simplified way that are easy to understood by Mr. Vivek Sawhney in this YouTube Video… The video focuses upon the general discussion on Theory of Relativity….What is the theory of Relativity? What is time dilation and length contraction? SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube […]
  • A numerical problem from motion in 1 Dimension
    AskPhysics Blog Feed A boy plays with a ball on a field surrounded by a fence which has a height of 2.5m . He kicks the ball vertically up from a height of 0.4m with a speed of 14 ms−1. (a) What is the maximum height of the ball above the fence? (b) What is […]

MCQ has become a regular feature of CBSE Class 12 Physics Question Paper. How to crack Physics MCQ?

Multiple choice questions has become an integral part of CBSE Physics question paper. For many students it has become a hardnut to crack. The 20 questions which are ready scoring part for the good students, it is and difficult part for the students who have taken care to understand the topics. If a student wants to score better marks, he/she cannot neglect the MCQ part. An active preparation should be started at the earliest to crack the MCQ part of CBSE Physics exam for class 12

Here’s how!

  1. Understand the question well.
  2. Don’t go for wild guesses, but try top solve
  3. If you don’t know the write answer at first sight, try eliminating the probably wrong ones and zero in on the probably the right answer.
  4. Solve maximum number of numerical problems

Why practice old question papers?

Practising old question papers is one of the proven method to score more. Normally high scoring students develop the habit of collecting the questions asked in board examinations during the first time they learn the chapters itself. However, it’s also a good idea to practice the whole question papers once the portions are completed.

For good scores you should have a collection of at least 10 different question papers of every subject. Try to find the answers to all the questions and show your teacher to get it corrected. Like that if you solve 10 to 25 questions you u can expect and excellent score in Cbse physics, no doubt.

The exams are approaching, let’s plan our studies to excel

Now that portions of PlusTwoPhysics is over by more than 50% of the syllabus in most of the schools in India, it is time to start systematic revision so that the older portions are not forgotten while we study new topics.

The 10 unit in Physics for CBSE Class XII are

  1. Electrostatics
  2. Current electricity
  3. Magnetic effects of current and magnetism
  4. Electromagnetic induction and AC
  5. Electromagnetic waves
  6. Optics
  7. Dual nature of matter and energy
  8. Atoms and nuclei

In most schools portions are completed up to electromagnetic waves.

So, along with learning new chapters, give time everyday to revise old chapters. I always recommend the Divide &Rule policy.

You can take a chapter and collect

  • All definitions
  • All rules, laws and theorems
  • All formulae with due narrations
  • All derivations
  • All diagrams with proper labelling

I’ve divided into five categories for Monday to Friday.

For the completed chapters, you can take one of the above for all finished chapters so that all categories are completed in one week. The derivations may take longer, you can continue on Saturday too.

The weekend revision should be planned meticulously. We will talk about that next

How was your Physics exam? CBSE Class 12

This year (2018) the Physics question paper was quite different.

How did you feel?

Was the questions easy?

Please respond now

Some Teachers’ responses are given below:

  • Some questions are from beyond the border. Lens mirron combination, toroid derivation, difrraction….
  • As an enthusiastic Physics Teacher, the Question Paper is standardized and of good quality. But, from the student’s point of view and compared to previous years’ question papers, the students will find it difficult. The one questions were frightening to the low achievers which in turn contribute to lower their confidence and a fear of failure
  • Very good paper student friendly. Every scope for d under achievers to get at least 40%.
  • Reading and understanding the question is difficult for the weak.
  • Invented many new questions this time
  • It is not in the usual pattern.
  • From the 1 mark section they (slow learners) won’t get any thing.
  • It’s not an easy paper
    Every question has some twist, especially the 1 mark and 2 marks
  • For weak I think it is not comfortable.



CBSE exam dates

Every student and parent as well as teachers are eagerly waiting for the dates of CBSE exams amidst many rumours. Everyone is put to relief when CBSE confirmed that


Physics – Foundations and Frontiers

Soumendra Nath Thakur asked


I want to get a Physics book named, Physics – Foundations and Frontiers. by – George Gamow and J.M.Clearland. Pub. Tata Mcgraw Hill. So How much it would cost me and how can I buy it?


Click on the image to Buy Physics – Foundations and Frontiers. by – George Gamow and J.M.Clearland. Pub. Tata Mcgraw Hill. from Amazon

Gravitation – Foundations and Frontiers

What is the use of lithium in hydrogen bomb?

Muhafiz asked  – “What is the use of lithium in hydrogen bomb?”

Lithium is the nuclear fuel for fusion bomb.

Please refer to the following links

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