No need to worry over Physics (CBSE)

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The evaluation of AISSCE 2012 Physics started and CBSE has prepared a fool proof marking scheme which will give the students the marks they deserve.

However, those who just left the questions unanswered will be at loss; because many of the difficult questions are liberalized but only those who attempted the questions will get the benefit.

Those questions with tougher subdivisions are so evaluated that the easier portions are given more marks than the difficult portions. So, if the students attempted the easier portion and left the difficult portion, the loss is not much.

So, relax!

Your voices are heard, thanks to CBSE for paying heed to us – the teachers and students.


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  1. human rights commission should also complain against it.The question paper setters only wants to show their expertise.The do not care about the length and difficulty of the paper.May the question paper setters go to hell and be made into wrethed pakoras who have shattered the dreams of lakhs of students,who are just like me. I belong to a small village and had to travel 40 kms daily to pursue my Science studies.Not only my family members but also whole of the villagers had great expectations from me.I was the first person from my small village to pursue science and i might also be the first person from my village to commit Sucide.

  2. dis is jst a hell step i m nt satisfied wid d above marking procedure……according to me every student should be provided with passing marks in physics paper

  3. i think the physics paper was much more difficult for the bright student alsooo so, every student should get the pass marks atleast so that they can atleast get a chance for higher studies….

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