MCQ has become a regular feature of CBSE Class 12 Physics Question Paper. How to crack Physics MCQ?

Multiple choice questions has become an integral part of CBSE Physics question paper. For many students it has become a hardnut to crack. The 20 questions which are ready scoring part for the good students, it is and difficult part for the students who have taken care to understand the topics. If a student wants to score better marks, he/she cannot neglect the MCQ part. An active preparation should be started at the earliest to crack the MCQ part of CBSE Physics exam for class 12

Here’s how!

  1. Understand the question well.
  2. Don’t go for wild guesses, but try top solve
  3. If you don’t know the write answer at first sight, try eliminating the probably wrong ones and zero in on the probably the right answer.
  4. Solve maximum number of numerical problems

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