Marks Distribution per chapter for CBSE Board Exam 2012

Please find below the chapterwise marks distribution for AISSCE 2012 (CBSE Board Examination 2012)

Unit I Electrostatics – 08
Unit II Current Electricity – 07
Unit III Magnetic effect of current & Magnetism – 08
Unit IV Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating current – 08
Unit V Electromagnetic Waves – 03
Unit VI Optics – 14
Unit VII Dual Nature of Matter – 04
Unit VIII Atoms and Nuclei – 06
Unit IX Electronic Devices – 07
Unit X Communication Systems – 05
Total  – 70

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  1. OMGG!!!! The paper was totally out of the pattern!!!Why??!?!Almost NO Optics questions in whole paper!!I read mostly derivations from Optics but NONE came!! Only magnetism n electro. in the whole paper!Are they cheating students or what..?!

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