Local orbital occupation and energy levels of Co in Na_{x} CoO_{2} : A soft x-ray absorption study

Author(s): H.-J. Lin, Y. Y. Chin, Z. Hu, G. J. Shu, F. C. Chou, H. Ohta, K. Yoshimura, S. Hébert, A. Maignan, A. Tanaka, L. H. Tjeng, and C. T. Chen
We present a combined experimental and theoretical investigation on the orbital occupation and local symmetry of Co in Na_{x} CoO_{2} . We have carried out polarization dependent Co−L_{2,3} soft x-ray absorption spectroscopy measurements. By comparing the spectra with the results of configuration-…

[Phys. Rev. B 81, 115138] Published Wed Mar 31, 2010