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NSE Astronomy
Senior level sample paper
Junior level sample paper
Astronomy Senior Level Examination – November 2007
Astronomy Junior Level Examination – November 2007

NSE Physics

Physics Examiantion – November 2007
NOTE: There is correction in Physics answersheet as follows
Q 23
:-  b
Q 31 :-  d
Q 41 :- Use the expression for periodic time T = 2 π m / Bq , for radius of the circular path r = mv sinθ / Bq and for the pitch of the helical path p = T (v cosθ) where the symbols have their usual meanings. With these expressions we get a = 1, b = 1 / √3 and c = √3. So ‘no option is correct’.

NSE Chemistry

Chemistry Examination – November 2007
NSE Biology
Biology Examination – November 2007


NGPE question paper – January 2008

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  1. I am a class XI student and appearing for NSEP, NSEC 2010. PLEASE GUIDE ME ON HOW I CAN PREPARE MYSELF.

    1. there r a no of reference books recomende in various websutes…refer them
      and refer some old q papers

  2. Dear Sir,
    I am from sri lanka requesting past papers for junior astronomy olympiad.Pleae help me.