How was your Physics exam? CBSE Class 12

This year (2018) the Physics question paper was quite different.

How did you feel?

Was the questions easy?

Please respond now

Some Teachers’ responses are given below:

  • Some questions are from beyond the border. Lens mirron combination, toroid derivation, difrraction….
  • As an enthusiastic Physics Teacher, the Question Paper is standardized and of good quality. But, from the student’s point of view and compared to previous years’ question papers, the students will find it difficult. The one questions were frightening to the low achievers which in turn contribute to lower their confidence and a fear of failure
  • Very good paper student friendly. Every scope for d under achievers to get at least 40%.
  • Reading and understanding the question is difficult for the weak.
  • Invented many new questions this time
  • It is not in the usual pattern.
  • From the 1 mark section they (slow learners) won’t get any thing.
  • It’s not an easy paper
    Every question has some twist, especially the 1 mark and 2 marks
  • For weak I think it is not comfortable.



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