Plus Two Physics

How was the CBSE PlusTwo Physics Question paper (AISSCE 2011)

Dear all students who wrote AISSCE Physics 2011,

How was the Physics Question paper?

Was it difficult? Very easy?

Were there questions out of syllabus?

Were there any errors?

Whatever be your opinion, post them as comments here; It will certainly reach the concerned authorities.

So, be quick, post your response now!

You can also post the questions from the question paper which you consider erroneous or out of course.

The pages 2 to 15 of set 1 are given here for easy reference

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172 replies on “How was the CBSE PlusTwo Physics Question paper (AISSCE 2011)”

physics paper was too difficult.
I think i may narrowly escape from being failed.

Boo…hooo.. :'(

My personal tutor.

suchhhh a difficult papper and what the hell? not a single question came from the cbse sample papers!

it means that u thik it is easy paper i wnt 2 ask u a question are u sick or cheated the paper madam it was not the easy paper fact that most of the student’s cant get 90 out of hundred nor also you. he he

hiiiiiiii dear don’t think that such dirty thought.just believe in GOD.HE wii surely find a way……

paper was the easiest ever! questions were directly from sample papers and nothing was out of course. bit lengthy but that’s to be expected with physics.

hey shubham wanker wassup ;)
And howz abhinav das doing…

How was his paper too ?

to all those guys n gals who said that exams wer ec:i dont know how cud u tell dat exam was ec after seeing dat question paper n u said dat questions wer frm sample papers i dont knw wich sample paper u had referd!!!!!

It was a very easy paper to crack! You could have answers almost all the questions if you had a basic or intermediate level of understanding of the concepts. All the problems were just lifted I guess! :) Its not the number of sample papers you refer which can get you marks added to your answer sheet but its the way you answer them with your logic and style. Good luck for the next exam! :)

And to Sire: Thanks for the paper! :) Had a nice time solving the queries, as there were 2 or 3 questions to really spend time with.

hey seems like our paper was out….thats the hottest news of the day…..

Not too tuf nor too easy for me…..I guess it was tuffer than last years…there were some twisting 3 mark questions….no out of syll ques…and i didnt get enuf time to write properly….

the 3 mark section was the toughest
i think it was more of an application level type

the physics exam was so tough!!!
and i was out of time.
i was not able to complete the paper!!!
The 3 mark questions was most difficult questions while some where easy

hi shubham,
which sample papers are u referring to?
can u pls tell?

@shubham & ASOK (Ashok i guess ;) )
I think you are both being sarcastic.. hehe

Paper was indeed hard. Curse you CBSE :(

it was easy but tooooooooo lenghthy!!! cbse neede to decrease the lenghth of paper

It wasnt that tough.But was a lengthy one.
The question on polarity in capacitor was a bit confusing

the paper was easy but tough to complete in the given time

My niece said that the paper was bit difficult than set 2 and 3. She was expecting to score atleast 68 out of 70 but now she is upset she wont be able to get that score.

u r right,aamir.there was some twist in 3m qns.

can u plz send answe key of this

paper was an average one!!!!!! yes it’s true it was very lengthy and questions were not directly asked and were twisted!!!!!!! hope that the checking would be lineant!!!!

d paper waz just 22222 ezyy..simplest questionss….i just needed 5 more minutes to complete d ppr….

It was kinda herculean enough 2 hammer an average students mind………tym was too short n paper was 2 lenghtier………….

Paper was nt too difficult but a bit too length. It does nt really matter how easy or difficult it is but the thing that matters is
“IS it answerable in 3 hours” ? and the anser is surely it wasnt

-Greenway Roorkee

I agree with Aamir.

Questions were lengthy and I’m not satisfied with my answers (especially 5 marks)


Physics paper was good but lengthy.
No time to check.
Especially question of 3 marks were lengthy and seemed like 5 mark questions.
Best of luck for Chemistry.

Paper was SO LENGHTY .. The person who had set the paper shud hav had a small concern that only ‘human beings’ were gonna write the exam . . 5 marks were really long . . Most of the 2 mark questions required writing so many things . . But definitely the paper had maximum no. of EASY QUESTIONS . . !!!
In 55/1 ,
qn 6 – it is not clear whether the capacitor
is behind view or in front of the view.
The time constraint, made us tended up and spoilt the presence of mind for the questions which required thinking . .

Exam was tougher than last year paper:(

Hope evaluation will be liberal

The question paper was easy but was too lengthy and require 3 1/2 hours for its proper completion.

today’s physics +2 cbse exam was really tough average student will not get a pass mark unless 10 to 12 marks is given as moderation by the board authorities, just like state examination boards are doing.
i humbly request the cbse authorities to help the students

Am a member of cbse answer paper correction commitee.As per the board’s decision,evaluation will not be liberal. So don’t expect unusual marks,and prepare for the rest xam’s well.

which comitte ??? there are no comitte for correction of paper ,three teacher’s corrects one paper, if u get aleast 18+ (70), u will pass mark 23
best of luck for rest
thank u

i think the paper was very difficult with the level of questions being very high.The question paper was lengthy and there was inadequate time to spend on the twisted questions which were many in number…

Xpctd d papr 2 b easy..!! But most of the students in our city hd a hard tym wid ques papr….!! Prblms lyk kirchof law,power in series&// are nt frm intxt…!! Realy disapointing!:-(

question paper was simple but some of the questions were somewhat typical,but this question paper was enough for pass the exam

it was damn easy….anyone who was clear with the concepts could have done it easily…but it was lenghthy n bcoz of that i had to leave two questions even wen i knew how to solve them….!:( and most of the questions which came this year were also given in 2010 boards….!!

paper was tough from all prev year qs .students didn’t touched easy qs as they appeared difficult ones in length only

For me it was very difficult. The time was also not sufficient for me. For my frinds also it was too tough!!

It waz an ok paper..lengthy…1 question of interchanging galvanometer and battery in meter bridge was too difficult for our level…also the microscope problem,there was confusion of image formation, infinity or least distance….

verrrryyyyyyy lengthy and diagramatic !
just was able to complete it..
but the paper is damn easy ..

waz easy bt didnt get time to attend all……i tink this qp is set for 5 hrssss!!

there was a 3 mark question in set 2 to prove the facts using mirroe i answered it takng values as examples and proved that focal length is negative and therefore the image will b will marks be awarded for that?and the exam was so tough for all the students in our school. and the questions wer difficult compared too last years

No…it was difficult for me….questions were lengthy and i couldn’t finish it all…There was no question as i expected….

Paper was lengthy,though it was not tough,nor was it out of syllabus…. yet something went wrong n paper was not good….

physics paper was a bit leghty .time management was difficult. also invillators took more time to issue extra paper.resulted incomplete of answers.cbse to look that extra shet isued timely to avoid loss of time

The question number 6
i guess capacitor problem was wrong
its totally ambiguous
i wasnt able to say if the wire was facing south or was it facing north. There should have been some hint about it. Im pretty sure most of the student took the wire facing north
but what about others who viewed it as facing south. Theyll get totally opposite answers.
please let this info reach the concerned authority. THANK YOU

**** all those saying damn easy etc.nothing from derivations(junctions and all that).also numericals was not there.every question moulded.
i havent left any thing unstudied but some thing i found out of syullabus cuz we have pradeep books and papers was from modern.there is a difference.nothing was from sample papers .
@ shubhash nothing from sample papers see xama idea sample papers.

yeah this year question was tuf than previous year,even some questions were out of syllabus & will be hard to cross 80

The Paper was very difficult. :-(
maybe i am flunking in the same. :-(

ver lenghthy delhi,s aper please admin post that too and also post the solutions of delhi(55/1/1)

It was tooooo easy to solve the paper . Mine was over within 02:30 hrs. Nothing was from out of cvourse

most of d questions were tough…. few questions were from sample paper directly….. questions were not out of syllabus but they were very much twisted….the standards of d questions very really high…… so hoping tht d correction wud b lenient otherwise most of them will surely fail …….. :( :( :(

What do the examiners think of themselves,how can they play with the life of someone,whats the need of taking such a harsh exam with such difficult and breath taking questions……why should our future depend only on one exam.,is this right…….???

Ques paper is very difficult and lengthy…
The BIG PROBLEM is that there is no direct ques in the paper…
All the ques are twisted..

there are many darivations which take much more time to complete..
OR each QUESTION of (5Mark) will take nearly 20 mins to complete…


it was a bit lengthy. actually i am more interested in economic budget so i was thinking of the indian budget and pranab mukherjee while i was appearing for the paper

not too gud 4 were ok.but 3 mark questions was a bit was really tuffer than last year questions.

physics paper was at the track .by seeing the competitve environment after 12th ,cbse prepare the paper , full of concept checkning question ,after reading the question ,at first sight ,student get ,frigtened, but after thinking and solving using principle fundamentals,the question get very easy notb a single question is out of syllabus .at last a good paper is prepared ,to check the anallytical skills of intermedite student,so get ready for mathematics paper, might it be like this

Nothing was out of portion – that is good.
You are preparing for competitive enviro- good
But you have to think about the average students sitting day and night to prepare for the exam and ended up seeing this type of paper. they loose their confidence completely.Some portion of the paper to be direct and some to be thinking type.
Any way it is over.

i think you don’t have watch or u don’t know how to calculate the time that’s why u have made this tooooooooooo lengthy paper

i duely respect ur views but sir being a student v always expect 2 perform in the exams and if a child is not able to come up with his own expectations it leaves him disappointed .checking the concepts is really good but in such a exam that is going to decide his future is very depressing.
i therefore request the authorities to provide grace marks to the studens ,

hoping for a positive response.
thank u sir

I don’t think the ppr was at all lengthy…..the questions were not u needed tym 2 think over them…isiliye ppr lengthy feel hua.

It was one of the easiest paper I ever came across..

Will surely get above 90 this time ^_^

harsh you said paper was easy…now can you please explain answer of the question on the graph here….

The paper was too difficult….even though the numericals were simple the theory questions required very much thinkin…and lack of time made things worser….made me panicky and i ended up forgetting all that i knew!!!

It was the easiest paper ever but the paper was meant for an additional half hour…it was a bit lengthy…cbse should take care in that regard.

The 5 marks questions were a bit lengthy.Also some questions of 3 marks were quite challenging.I am thinking of 45-48 out of 70.But its not upto my expectations.

it was a bit difficult.hope that the correction would be lenient.all the best,guys;for ur upcoming exams.

the paper wz easy….sme qstns required bit of thinking……there were a lotta qstns frm the text itself….i started off wid d 5 marks qstns nd i got enuf tym….ppl hu started wid 1marks cudnt finish in tym….

was difficult and lengthy…questions were tricky..needed a lot of thinking..hoping the corrections would be lenient..

it. was tough lengthy twisted tearfull paper.students found it disturbing and what a start for very crucial exam of school life

The paper was too^9999 tough for an average student like me. Please CBSE this is too much. After all we are humans NOT computers. You should not play with our future like this. After failing for two consecutive years, this was my third attempt and I would really be ENDING up my life if I fail this year. PLEASE THE PAPER CORRECTION COMMITTEE SHOULD EVALUATE OUR PAPERS LIBERALLY.

The paper was a bit twisted….was not sure if derivation was needed for youngs double slit experiment…the paper was too lengthy… had to answer the last few questions by just glancing a few words from the question paper…
hope the corrections are liberal and the teachers will have the time factor in mind and will giv marks for attempting atleast…

hey,the questions actually made sense and were easy…
but writing it all in 3 hrs was the tough part..
is there anyway to contact the cbse ppl to do lineant corection,atleast for the last 5 pages of our respective answer sheets?
we should do smthing abt this!its our boards,scores are very important!

The Physics paper was too tough and did not get enough time to complete the answers within the given time. Hope the valuation will be liberal.

According to the CBSE, the questions are set in a view that all the average students will get a minimum of 60%…..but i dont think thats what s gonna happen in 2011…unless the correction goes liberal….we ll have to start revising class 12 physics again :)…..and the question paper…HA… was leaked!!!

the paper was good not very hard but was too much of theory and was very lengthy… there was no tym 4 d twisted questions!!

my paper was not that much better ..
i need the solution for the physics paper of set 55/1..

hey……will there be any retest for physics 2011?? heard some1 saying that a ques paper in andaman n nicobar leaked…………….

The paper cannot he held tough since aieee and iitjee are way higher in lvel with the same syllabi and its not that yu’ll nt get admission bcoz ur expctd 90 dropper to85.The paper wasnt lengthy if you had done the latest 2011 papers.Even if one of those paper came then, disaster wud be the right word.
Finally the approach of cbse has changed and it is for the beter itself.
Derivationsshould be completely removed and other papers shud go along this way!!
Kudos to cbse team!

yeah paper was a bit lengthy but as you guys say the paper was really easy.

i have doubt on q.14 of page 6? is the answer 1V

hey akriti….
i got the ans as 2V .
i did it in 10 min tym… really horrible….
others the qsts were easy.
achcha will there be any error if i do the microscope sum in taking the final image at infinity…..

physics exam was horiibl
i dint touched 3 mark questions…..
i donno y they r being so cruel to us?????
lost confidence,,!!

Very lengthy and difficult as compared to last 5 years ques…why so tough for this year,cbse should care for us,this is not a joke

i think paper was an average one… but the difficult questions should be kept in two marks questions rather than three marks…students are saying that question on power was a difficult one but its not difficult……..5 marks questions were easy though time consuming…….expectin +90

Physics paper was lengthy…… But it ws nt dat tough… Nd was easier than last years qstn paper…

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ah of physics paper the question on kirchoff’s law was a bit tricky, all was right

Physics paper was tough and those who say it is easy are trying to prove they are genius but they are not so.It was a herculean task to complete the paper within the given time.It will be a real curse to the one who have set this paper.

cbse is known for its simple question paper but this was extremely horrible
it was lengthy , tough and lot of indirect question
I have shown my physics paper to my teachers and last year 12th batch of my school they told me that this need minimum 3:30 hour and max 4:30 hour to solve.
Last year question paper was very short as compare to this.

U want tell MR S.K GUPTA (CBSE PAPER SETTING TEAM) that this was the theory paper not objective here we to write the answer of question in good manner if we waste our time in thinking then when we will write the answer.
We have given only 3 hours to complete this paper in one chance.
In competitive to get 2 paper at with 2 different time interval.
competitive exam is enough for us to our fundamental and study skill

paper was not tough but lengthy ..
5 marks questions were extra long only
(a) part of all the questions were enough where as
(b) and (c) part were just like buy i get 2 free!
what so ever after knowin all things
i was just able to solve paper of just
45 marks! :(
waise ..
jo ho gaya so ho gaya!
as**s on fire for chem!

The paper was nt dat much tough but toooooo
lengthy… i hav cumpletd nly 15 marks in 1hr 45 min….5 mark questns wer like 10 mark questns… hope the checkin wil be liberal……

Paper was d esyst ppr of all d ones i have seen. But a very lenty 1. COz to comp 2 5 marks it took abt 1 hr :P…..O_o…… cudn check at all.

The foreign Physics paper seemed to be tougher!!!
This is pretty easy. Or maybe its just that this paper has the Frequently Asked Questions or maybe I did not prepare well for mine!!!
Anyways lets just hope for the best in other exams!!!!

Definitely agree…these questions are very easy. Foreign set was waaaay wore. Twisted conceptual questions and very lengthy as well…

So how was chem exam guys?



awesome the best ever seen completely application based that’s what i wanted

Physics was lengthy and include lot of question to which need time to think and write. In short and simple language it was big loss in our PCM %

whoa!!!!!!!! look what we’ve got here…… a class of simply awful nerds talking b.s about a paper that i most certainly finished with some 30 pathetic minutes left..
I wonder why u jerks needed a day jot it down.
And the tricky questions??? tell u what.. each of’em needed just 30 sec of thinking, and a minute or so of writing. Anythin more than that and it turns out to be hell of a lengthy for ya’all.
U PEOPLE made it time consuming
and difficult coz u dont study like me(till 5 in the mornin). I’m an insomniac now and its 2:05 am now as am typin this.
The papers also need a study of an entire year from u. Just the march’s hard work cudn’t fetch u a penny.
So on a sweet note… jusy want to scream …HALLELUJAH

@gagan–you are a big loser…u are trying to prove that u r a genious. physics paper was very lengthy and difficult too. it was beyond the thinking of an avg student.
i hope checking will be easy…

hmmm..@ gagan…wat ur saying is a bit too exagerrated..yup,the paper was actually a sensible 1…i loved the pattern coz they were all reasoning stuff…but,the 3hrs wasns enough…not if they want us to reason out and explain evething in detail!

really paper was tough ………..
less than 40% questions were from ncert whereas in chemistry everything was from ncert . this doesnt mean that checking will be lineant .will get only 40

the paper was very lenghty and 3 marks questions were very difficult. The “Hots” are always new and was more than the expected standard. questions like polarity of capacitor and a kirchoffs laws question was very tricky

Sir , paper was very easy bt also vry lnthy so cbse should give grace marks

with this i think BitS paper is out of equation………….too lengthy nd no numericals….what cbse is playing at…..competitive exams comprises most of numericals … all in all it was a complete crap….

14 th question was of unexpected type, and that for 3 marks which came as 26 th question was also tricky…and for thinking tere was no tym….and obviously paper was lengthy..would have surely scored 65, had i got 15 more mins..but lack of time has limited me wit late 50s…

the phy paper was very bad!!! before writing i was expecting above 65 at least…but couldnt complete the was tooo long..cbse shld be a little lenient in the was both a tough n lentghy paper…the questions were easy if we had time to think but the thing is we had ONLY 3 HOURS..we cant write everything n still hav time to i hope corrections are lenient…

the phy paper was very bad!!! before writing i was expecting above 65 at least…but couldnt complete the was tooo long..cbse shld be a little lenient in the was both a tough n lentghy paper…the questions were easy if we had time to think but the thing is we had ONLY 3 HOURS..we cant write everything n still hav time to i hope corrections are lenient…n yea for an average student this paper wld hav been very very difficult..pls think bout lenient corrections…

I feel it shld either be grace marks or lenient correction..otherwise the average student wont pass..

The paper was a moderate one,but surely time consuming and could not be completed in time.

i really did’nt expect physics to be like this…thoroughly shocked… :o….i thought i got wrong paper @ first…then came to d shocking news dat this indeed ws physics paper…:(:(:(

practised so many numericals nd only 1 num. regardin ray optics came :(

in the microscope problem,there was confusion as image distance ….was not mentioned in the problem …hope we will get marks fr that

hey…i wrote the foreign set….it was easy for just some few brilliant minorities but for majority of people it was tough. it was just ok for me. the reason it was tough for many is that
because the paper was full of numericals and conceptual questions….with just two derivations of 2 and 3 marks…..

hey the phy papre was difficult . unless the evaluation goes easy itz not easy to get above 80 even

frnd the people above who r saying that ki paper was easy are scholars but the board shld remember that all r nt scholars nd the paper is really tough nd board shld do a liberal checking for the paper

it was a standard paper.but comparing of last year questions we were been with usually expected questions.kirchoffs que was really very tuff.mirror que too.

i think the question paper was not set to time
most of the 2 mark questions were for proving and that too lengthy
most of us have complained about the time
i think the question number 14 is actually out of syllabus
and we need lot of assumptions to be taken for the point A to be at zero potential and the value of R1 to be 0

Hey,i heared that the evaluation is over. It was not at all liberal and so many students failed.Is it true?Do anyone of u heard about this.

It is true that physics was the toughest of all other subjects.

One advice to future students (Your wish if you consider it or not)

Leave the 1 mark answer questions for the last 10 minutes. Start from the 9th question. That way, you won’t fall short of time. I didn’t.

it was not an easy paper. i have studied throughout the all paper went good accept physics .not even a single student of my centre was happy.plz cbse dont be hard because our future will be ruined if u do that