How was the CBSE Physics Exam 2012?

How was AISSCE Physics Question Paper 2012?

  • Was the Board question paper 2012 up to the standard?
  • Were there any questions out of syllabus?
  • Was any of the questions too tough?
  • Were there any unexpected questions?
  • How was the numerical problems?
  • Did you get sufficient time to answer the questions?

Please post your response soon. Your responses on AISSCE Physics Question Paper 2012 can affect the marking/ evaluation and eventually the marks. Comment honestly.




Teachers from different cities have already sent their representation on the problems and anomalies found in the question paper. If your teacher hadn’t done so, Hurry!!!. Request your teachers to have a thorough analysis of the question papers (All sets) and send the difficulties and anomalies in proper format to CBSE. (There is a format available at schools to send anomalies and problems in CBSE question Paper).
CBSE will consider these representations received while finalizing the marking scheme.

Wish you Good Luck ! Dear students.

500 thoughts on “How was the CBSE Physics Exam 2012?

  1. I felt there was a lack of numerical questions, especially from the optics unit, amongst others. The paper was completely unexpected, and I’m very disappointed. :( I didn’t get time to think properly for more than a few questions, but I don’t know if that’s the paper’s fault or my own.

    I hope chemistry will make me feel better.

    1. the exam was so sooo tough that we lose our confident to attend the rest exam.cbse,please show a little sympathy to us by taking necessary steps & making liberal valuation.

    2. hiiii guys….
      i hv heard this news that 46% students failed in physics… it true plzzzzzzzzzzz reply if u know about dis rubbish news……waiting for ur reply :(

          1. Why worry so much? The result is about to come. Just wait. The teachers who went for evaluation didn’t say anything like that. There were students who got 100%. SO, in such a case, the pass %age should be at par with last years.

  2. Most of the paper was unexpected.
    I haven’t seen such a paper since many last years.
    Before exam i was expecting at least 90 marks but now i am sure my marks r going to be in between 75-80, nothing more nothing less.

      1. DAm !!
        what a parer !!
        FULL AYENGE :)

        guys i wish i could say so
        but the paper ws dam hard
        i was bit prepared for the hard situation bt that was worse !!

    1. the paper was lengthy n balanced one ????/ i dont think this statement make any sence….2 read n think carefull needs time that was missng i dont knw what is going 2 happen with ma 12th %age was hoping 93+ n this dam paper hell took me 4 days 2 recover from the shock the earthquake hited 20 min before the paper end but for me one after one question was a big shock studied so hard whole yr hell c the result of hard work ……..pass to bina phare bhe ho jate!!

  3. dissappointing paper…lenghthy…they cnt xpect us to be machines to write dwn the ans the moment we see it!!! the lens prob ws disgustng!!!:(:(
    overall: dissappointed…3 sleepless nights underwater!!

  4. The paper was only based on conceptuals.
    The paper was too lengthy for 3 hours.
    Really sad.
    the person who set the paper was out of his mind.

  5. It was a balanced paper… 2 three mark questions were a bit complicated…all 1 mark ques. were easy…five mark ques. related to telescope required application…and rest of paper was easy.

    Can any one tell me exact answer of two mark Q.”when an ideal cap is charged by dc no current …… of disp current?” and one mark ques.”Why elec field lines must be normal to evry point of charged scondctr?”

    1. since every point on a capacitor is an equipotential surface .. hence electric field lines should be perpendicular because -dv=E.dr that is -dv=Edrcos(theta)…..since electric field is perpendicular theta=90 and cos(theta)=0
      hence -dv=0 then according to calculus differentiation of a constant is zero.
      hence v is constant(which should be so for an equipotential surface)…

      1. u can explain it understandably…..
        since capacitor plate is equipotential surface
        if the field has horizontal component… work
        is done to move from one point of plate to ……..another…..this is against concept of ………equipotential surface…

    2. Plz check page 60 of our part 1 textbook.. it says, if the field were not normal to the equipotential surface, it would have non-zero component along the surface. To move a unit test charge against the direction of component of the field, work would have to be done. But this is in contradiction to the definition of equipotential surface; there’s no pd b/w any 2 points on the surface and no work is required to move a test charge on the surface.

  6. I was in the exam hall with more expectations and when I got the question paper I was disappointed to see lack of numerical questions. I spent a lot of time to study numericals. I am not happy at all after Physics exam. We pray to get good marks.

  7. When I started reading paper backwards, I was feeling comfortable lol. As the three marks question began to enter, I got nervous. And when the two marks questions came, I went, wtf? What is the level dude? This ain’t cbse. However single marks were okay. I cannot claim the paper as lengthy, as I had finished it 15 mins before, but the thing was, I didn’t knew few questions and left them over to think later. And later wasn’t present. So, now I may claim it was hell lengthy. Seriously if someone scores 85+ in this exam, one prepared really well, atleast better than me.

    I am hoping to see a news headlines tomorrow morning about the exam, so that the marking goes really smooth. Actually I’m wishing.

    1. ya dude…u r rite…..although the paper was not at all lenghty but it was really unexpected….now just pray for liberal evaluation…thats all we can do

  8. Yes, the paper was very unexpected but not lengthy. Before the exam, I managed to complete all 15 Practice Papers in the Together with Physics book as well as all the past papers, but I was still surprised by the paper.

    90% of the paper was conceptual with no “standard” derivations, eg: microscope, telescope, mag. field on axis of ring, dipoles, etc. Most of the questions asked had never appeared in any of the sample papers or past papers.

    In my opinion, some of the especially difficult questions include:

    1) Why must the electric field be perpendicular to surface of charged conductor

    2) Derive the expression for self inductance of long solenoid of cross-sectional area A, length l, having n turns per unit length

    3) The current in forward bias is known to be more (~mA) than the current in reverse bias (~uA). What is the reason , then, to operate the photodiode in reverse bias.

    4)When an ideal capacitor is charged by a DC battery, no current flows. However, when an AC source is used, the current flows continuously. Explain on basis of displacement current.

      1. Hey vipin r u sure about the news…nd do u know whether cbse has given any grace marks in physics xam?
        Must rply m waiting 4 ur rply..

    1. haha cool ..u knw what our physics teachr she seemed so happy n said the paper was soo easy later i came 2 knw till date she has done all her degrees as a 3rd divison holder …she taught us speed is a vector quantity well whatever after reading oll comnts somwhere m relaxed …that its not just me only with whome things have gone wrong n feel sad for all ma mates who worked hard like me n came with crying eyes//….

  9. It was not as tough as I thought it would be!! 2 marks questions were bit complex and tricky ! Rest was OK !! I expect some 80-85 marks !!! GOD KNOWS !!!

  10. any question paper must check what are the essential things a person must learn from the topic. but many a time it happens in such a way that the paper setter wants to exhibit their expertise. this is the clear example

  11. it wasn’t a “VERY” lengthy paper. The thing is that in the pressure of boards, we may get stuck on a few questions, otherwise the questions were smart and the paper could be completed in about 3 hours.

  12. what’s up with CBSE …do they solve it before gvng it to was too long …being the topper of my school in phy…feel disgusting after wrtng tis exam…

  13. The xam was really tough for me and many questions which i studied and expected did not come and depends on the evalaution of paper and all in hands of god now!

  14. Dont be kidding…. it was damn easy…..
    optics sum u hav 2 aplly concept….
    answer is L1 L2 40 CM seperation….
    L2 L3 can be seperated by any real value…. it was so easy…..
    electricity sum…. resistance 5 ohms…. potential drop 1v…… tats easy too….
    5 marks… all 6 questions were thrown to score……
    electric potential sum again easy….. 4E volts…. C is at higher potential…..em waves sum 4886 amstrong wavelength balmer series
    For medium A speed is less…. since spped is directly propotional to sinr………

    1. the answer to the potential difference is -4E.since workdone is force(displacement)..displacement is final position-initial position that is 1-5=-4….
      now force=Eq and workdone is -4Eq..potential difference is workdone/ charge=-4E….

      1. …… sorry… unfortunately u r moving the charge ……….against the field which means F=-veEq…..
        ….. so answer is +4E…. u dont hav to think too much
        ….. pot. diff. is scalar…. it is field*DISTANCE ……moved….. also work done externally cannot be ……negative.

  15. paper was normal but ws lengthy which actually made it tough. some idiot might have set this paper. 3 hours were not enough to solve every question with full satisfaction

        1. The paper was quite lengthy and no so easy too…the questions weren’t so direct….we had to think and this took much time…..Pls make the correction liberal……

  16. paper was unexpected. There was no questio like compound microscope astronomical was really very annoying.i have commited many mistakes like 15*10=250 in kirchoff laws question whose correct answer was 35 ohm but i got 37.5 ohm.and like closest distance approach i used e instead of e2 .i studied 50 hours in last 3 days but at the end i was crying.

  17. optics question:o bloody hell there were so many things to be asked and apparently more importany ,n d numerical,3 markers hate you:x
    well physics paper treat like this only lately.
    VINEET JOSHI u r chairman of cbse not iit.hope from chemistry.

  18. paper was easy infact very easy………………..but time allowed is not enough…….ya 2marks ques. are tricky.paper was for parrot learner.lack of numerical,derivation UNEXPECTED…but overall i make my mind n by bleessing of god will be able to score above 66 out of 70

    1. go on buddy….. 4607197 dont forget… THE INDIAN PUBLIC SCHOOL ERODE…. Checkout my english marks too…… u will faint for sure….

      1. SRENEVASAN u r entelligent sure i guess,but don’t be led fall like rahul dravid…………………ya ur answers are correct i wrote the same too.but lets wait for results to come.i m also jee aspirants n u don’t requd to know my roll no.u can see on seeing ur ans. im sure u will b there also.letswait………………………………….then speakkkkkkkkkk

          1. common srenevasan!! every one cant be neither srenevasan nor a rajini!!… out to be frank paper was completely balanced!! only d absnc of direct questions directs u to say it tough…NO WAY.. it was more application based n u need to be frank on sayn it rathr pulling legs by calln it an easy 11…. cheers!! buddy n all the best

  19. optics question:o bloody hell there were so many things to be asked apparently more important n the numerical along with it.3 markers hate you:x physics paper treat us like this only lately.VINEET JOSHI YOU ARE DIRECTOR OF CBSE NOT IIT.hope from chemistry.

  20. When i read the paper first, i thought it was easy enough. But the real problem arose when i started attempting it. It was damn lengthy. Forgot 2 do a 3 marks question though knew how 2 do it. some questions were tricky like the lens one. Could have been able 2 do it if had got some more time left in the end .

    1. u r true……even i also felt d same wen go thru the ques paper… as u said it was really lengthy..&moreovr i din get time 2 complete for 9 marks…3 ques of 3 mark ….though i din get time 2 write this anwers…..i ve put the & js started ……so can i xpect grace marks 4 these ques

  21. wtf was the papr???even in last hour…earthquake!!!
    i srsly want that person or comittee who made that papr…guys & girls…i think we should complain it to hrd…hope kapil sibbal will do something abt it….wasie in my centre,i heard a rumor that papr got leaked….i was so happy….but finally… :(

  22. The AISSCE physics paper was not easy at all. It was tough. What made it even worse is the fact that the question paper was so lengthy. The effort of the people who set the question paper is noticeable, as there were a few brain-teasers. But the length of the question paper and the fact that there were certain three mark questions that required quite a lot of time, made the paper unimaginably bad.
    What the board has done is thwart away the hopes of many students (like me), who have spent sleepless nights, hitting books, all year long to achieve greatness by scoring high in the CBSE EXAMS.
    All I can now hope is the correction to be lineant.

  23. i m physics lect for 20 yrs. for it was not difficult but students hv to try some questions which they hv not done in any question bank. so time was wasted n when they reach 5 mrks questions time was over. which make it difficult

  24. paper was really bad.if you dont plan on giving the questions in exam,why do we hear out teachres saying again and again to do certain topics…
    it was lengthy and could never be attempted completely by a student whose sole aim was cbse
    a few of my frnds preparing for JEE actually agreed

    1. the question paper was dam easy question paper solved all ncert questions along with cbse sample question paper out of which more than 20 marks had came

  25. it was not the toughest paper…but it required the application of concepts studied…some 2 and 3 markers seemed tough but it could be done if one knew the concepts well….overall it was moderate paper

  26. toughest paper i’ve ever seen…..unexpcted questions…i ve loosed ol my self cnfidence….hope other subjects ll b quiet easy…;(
    cn any1 snd me answers to 1 and 2 marks questions(set 1)?????????

  27. Bro my paper was 55/1 in that paper R was asked which u will get after getting equivalent resistance 5ohm yaar mai accept karta hu mai parrot learner hu but kuch galti jaise maine ki wo to bilkul bardasht exam dene se pehle soche the 90 ke upar payenge but now lag raha hai sirf 72-77 tak payenge. Why only me aaj raat ko 3 baje se uth ke baith ke padha tab ja ke sab complete hua phir bhi why

  28. it was not the level of iit but i guess it was not from most expecting question it was difficult for the students who study at the eleventh hour but for the student who has studied hard for the whole year it was good paper

  29. Who says that the exam was easy??? It was not accrding to the mark scheme, no derivation, no numericals.. Even not seen this ques in IIT.. So lenghty.. Worked so hard, even having problem in my body.. But was totally unexpected..

  30. it was very a very difficult paper. i am really upset and worried about the result. i hv spent 3 sleepless nites bt dat is useless nw. nevr xpctd such difficult paper. our my teachr marked some important topics wich often cum in boardz nd i hv solved 7 sample papers bt nothing could help me… :( the paper was lengthy too :(

  31. Delhi 2012 Physics paper was very unexpected . It was tough. The question paper was so lengthy. Also it was not according to the weightage given in the marking scheme. This has put too much pressure on the children , making them fear the boards. Delhi physics paper was close to IIT level.
    On the other hand it was heard that the outside delhi paper was leaked beforehand . This is disgusting. CBSE has lost its credibility

    1. Questions toh dekho….. Asking for expression of dc current in a capacitor…. Foolish a capacitor never allow dc current to flow through and affers infinite resistence…. What the hell no derivations no imp. Ques…. Spoiled whole feb learning physics

  32. it was very a very difficult paper. i am really upset and worried about the result. i hv spent 3 sleepless nites bt dat is useless nw. nevr xpctd such difficult paper. my teachr marked some important topics wich often cum in boardz nd i hv solved 7 sample papers bt nothing could help me… :( the paper was lengthy too :(

    1. OK
      Post the questions to be discussed. The questions must be complete including diagrams. You can scan and upload to any image server like photobucket, flicker or picassa and give the link for images or even the complete question. The answers to the questions can be discussed here

  33. It was BLUNDERR! If you see last 5 year question papers,then hardly 2-3 questions came from them plus most of the questions were totally unexpected.Like in Foreign Set,Velocity Selector.Also,I expected derivations from Magnetic effects,either cyclotron,toroid or two parallel conductors and
    based on gauss’s theorem from Electrostatics.
    From EM Waves also,they asked difficult questions.
    I expected uses of diff EM Waves.But,in all,it was quite tough.Maybe cz I did not study the whole year and completed course in feb only.But I really worked hard,yet it was bad.

  34. I got 55/1 . In many questions it was not clear what they expected from us. It can also be said that the time was to some extent insufficient.I hope they don’t repeat this next year too and that they’ll make the correction lenient this year. :)

  35. bhai jitne bhi easy bata rahe ho apne roll no. likh do hum dekh lenge. itna hard paper. me 2-3 din se soya nahi tha. tution me har test me highest aate the.lakin aaj paper ne saari nind uda di. i hope it will not be repeated in chemistry

  36. Hard paper…disappointing…managed 5 mrks answer but 2mrks n 3 mrks sum questions were complex and much numericals…this time time not much derivations came…theorical questions were too three…praying god for good marks…
    hope to do well in chem…
    ps : pls dont give hard chem paper like in phy.

  37. really the physics paper was very tough. so many expected questions and the time was not enough to complete. hope cbse board will be liberal in the valuation

  38. Seriously it was too..hard there were not too many derivations i worked a lot on them …

    and i am very irritated !! i didn’t sleep for the last three days


  39. I was actually happy after the exam but after reading these comments I am a little worried. Just a little thing though, most of the ‘difficult’ 2 markers were NCERT solved ex.

  40. the paper was very tough and unpredictable, it was quite lengthy too :( .Spread this by commenting in other websites so board will take some action for liberal checking.

  41. It was tough….xpecting linient marking…only good ques were included in paper even in Delhi or All India…manganin is thicker bt data given was insufficient..xpecting 57 out of 70… :|…scored 63 in preboards which are deliberately made tougher…GOD SAVE US..90% DREAM IN DANGER!!!…in spite of such hard work.. :’-(

  42. paper was lenghty.. a bit diificult i was expecting to get at least 60 but now ill be ended wid above 50! not a good paper!
    3 marks questions were difficult.. a coceptual and a paper which only a smart and intellgent students could solve.. it wznt made for average students.!

  43. The paper was really lengthy and tough. I did’nt get any time to check the questions a second time. Finished the paper right when the bell rang. I could’nt understand what was the principle of oscillator. Question paper had many unexpected questions. I had referred many sample papers,but only very few questions were repeated. 3 marks were quite tough,but 5 marks were comparitively easy. When i spent more time on 3 marks, had only very little time to write 5 marks. I am very disappointed that there was no numericals from telescope, microscope etc. I had expected 95 above before the exam, but now i think I will hardly get above 80. All my friends shared the same opinion.

  44. electric field must be perpendicular to the surface of conductor because the surface is equipotential
    no tangential field component must be present for an quipotential surface
    so electric filed line must be perpendicular

    expression for self inducatance can be found out by equating LI = BA

    a photodiode is operated in reverse bias because
    consider a sc in which minority charges are n type
    when light is incident equal no of electron hole pair is created
    as n>>p relative change in p is more , so it is used in reverse bias

  45. ya the paper was so lengthy..there are many unexpected questions which i have not ever seen in last year paper.. i am so scared about result!!!!

  46. Very Very Very Sad,…worked hard but this is unexpected,,,.,.,.questns veryy tough….total pattern was different…..i dont know even i pass…plz tell if any questions r incorrect to expect a pass mark?

  47. The paper was very lengthy and tough,my son says many of his friends were literally in tears.There was not many problems.some of the two marks question needed two pages answers.Now these poor children will have to compete with state board students of tamilnadu.CBSE definitely should do something about this.

  48. the paper was easy the only thing i want to ask is in the lens question for 55/1 how do u find the distance btw 2nd and 3rd lens.

    not even aieee lvl forget iit

  49. Was really tough.somehow managed to finish at time.
    Important and expected questions were not asked.
    especially 2 mark question. 5 mark questions was easy.

  50. Paper was moderate…but lengthy…of course…some questions were unexpected…
    all questions cud hav been done…but then it required time…n thinking…to get the student involved…but for that case…time was short…
    cbse shud shift d weightage of derivations to numerical problems..

  51. damn…one hell of a question paper..its usually said tht board xam will be easier thn pre boards….now i know…thts total bullshit….unbelievably lengthy….questions we damn tough..aaaaaaaarghh……god plzzz make the marking more liberal…!! :/

  52. usually the one mark questions require a lot of thinking and i end up leaving them…but this time they were damn easy….but the paper stabbed me at d back with those disgusting 2 n 3 mark questions…i pray for atleast an 80 altogether….

    1. hai hyma.please don’t sad about that exam.there will another exams waiting for u.write them good and get success.if you contact me message to this no9640484980 i’m studying in basar iiit.i can speak only telugu.

  53. paper was easyyyyy…but lenghty….if the i would get 30min more i would surly,can get65-70 marks…i hope that realy the paper has been leaked n i cn get another chance to prove my self..oooogod…hope u r listennnnng to my prayers……:(

  54. Paper was very much tough and lengthy in comparison with previous years papers..i expected that i would do the paper about 95% when i got the question paper..but i ran out of time and attempted 80 to 85% of the paper as the paper was very tricky and time consuming…CBSE SHOULD DO VERY LOOSE MARKING..

  55. paper was totally unexpected. Extremely disappointed be’cos i had expected more questions
    on derivations. Had spent three sleepless days preparing for this paper. Hope corrections are lenient. Thats my only expection for getting good marks.

  56. the paper was not too good nt too bad. there was a lot of concepts to be put in. in a way these questions wil help me in entrance exam.

  57. Its the first time in my life that I’m writing such a was soooo tough..wat was that lens prob?n ammeter-capacitor?double slit?polaroid?even the essays were tough..previous questions were much better..its given in cbse’s website that 7o%are average this supposed to be average??I was shocked when I saw the questions..I’m not a student who is concentrating a lot on entrance..maybe that’s why it was tough for me.. many said that most of the questions will be from text..but now..

  58. the paper was completely unexpected!:(
    if they give such a lenthy paper they cant expect us to do well!
    and they gave questions that had thinking and took a lot of time..we hope the cbse does liberal correction..!

    1. Dude!There were no direct qs in our set.Our set was extremely different and had very unexpected qs.Our set had qs which I’d never seen in last 6 years Board papers.Only qs like Moving Coil Galvanometer,CE Transistor,Step-Up Transformer and Diffraction were there which direct.
      Foreign Set 2-

  59. paper was too difficult. I did not expect such paper. Cbse should do something for liberal marking. post it everywhere guys. So the message spreads and cbse do something for a liberal marking scheme.


  61. please let the marking be liberal. i was literally thrown into a quake after seeing the paper . the thing that annoyed me the most was that no expected derivations came.

  62. the paper was lenthy… but easy as it was full on conceptual….. but the questions were not well framed.. as in the the capacitor one i knew the whole displacement current concept but saw the ques from a total diff. point of view…. expecting like 80 on 100..!!!!!

  63. It was damn difficult + lengthy time to different from previous years question..i had a preparation for 80 marks at a its gonna be 65 marks for most..
    and yeah..i heard the paper was leaked in delhi and mathura due to which it may be cancelled..its being viewed in the news channels..

  64. The paper was quite lengthy and no so easy too…the questions weren’t so direct….we had to think and this took much time…..Pls make the correction liberal……PLS

  65. The Sample Papers should at least have been of comparable difficulty. Maybe then we would have known what to expect at least.

  66. I wrote the Foreign set paper here in the Gulf and to tell the truth it was much better than the one that’s there on this site. Sure we had our share of tough questions but they were limited to two 3 mark questions and one 2 mark question. All of us over here found the paper lengthy but those students who had randomly done these HOTS questions, and I include those students who don’t fare well with the rest of the class (no offence), found this exam a piece of cake.

  67. the paper was set according to time limit. but the pressure was not at all considered. this is where the paper setter lacked. it was a balanced paper but still could have been made better with some practical thinking.

  68. The paper was very lengthy, of course & unexpected…A paper like “This Year”, i haven’t seen it anywhere in the past 4 years ! The paper wasn’t made for the average students. 1 markers were ok, but, 3 markers were all HOTS. which required a “lot of time”. With only 3 days provided for the preparation, no one could have practiced enough to solve such a paper.

  69. Cbse should understand that, not all the students are really good in physics. “Mostly” all students are poor in physics. They should have made the paper from that point of view.

  70. really lengthy..didn’t seem so while first reading..5 markers ok..1 markers ok..2&3 also overall ok..but i wasted time in lens ques..and missed 2nd part of res ques (5ohm) find the pot drop..finished revising just 30 secs before bell..expecting 62/70

  71. please…..its our future……the people who made the question paper were also students once…and u all may have children like us…think of them getting low marks…our dream..our career..our life…its now completely in your hands teachers and board..the exam was very hard..please be liberal…or conduct one more exam…like a retest… for those who want to many state boards have…there may be students who go for coaching for iit,aieee etc..brilliant students…but we are not extraordinary….please take a decision to solve this problem..

    1. You are dead right Gopika.

      These so calld academicians do not appreciate that they need to go with the changes happening around the world. World’s leading institutes including IITs have been revisisiting their curriculam and exams to ensure that a test is to check what one knows and what he/she doesn’t know. Also specialisation in any field is left to individual’s taste. We don’t have to teach almost 15% of electrical engineering or 15% Thermodynamics in Class XII.

      Unfortunately we need to wait till some matured academicians take charge of these affairs and the generations passing through the hands of such people are just unfortunate.

      My son also falls into this unfortunate group of students.

  72. Some question required knowledge of pre requisite numerical value! And are they nuts to ask about the function of “IF stage” in the block diagram?? Is it not sufficient only to identify it?? Are they obsessed with graph?? A total of 3 graphs were asked in the “all india set 3”..and do i need to mention about the lens question? Compared to last year question paper, this seems like a paper of iitjee standard..cbse hired the wrong person for setting up the paper..probably he is a moron or suffers from some abominable disease..hope the checking to be a bit liberal or else i’ll be stuck within the 60 range..i openly threaten to take down the website on the day of results if they disappoint me…i had so much expectations of getting atleast in the 80’s…all hopes shattered…i’m under depression..i can’t even sleep..its 2am..i’ll have to find a way to repose…stfu cbse

  73. easy,but very very LENGTHY!!.after months of preparation was so disappointed that couldnt allocate time properly let alone check the answers.definitely disappointed.

  74. Unfortunately when my principal sir called me to ask about the exam i told him tat the paper was very easy and i finished in 2hrs 15min…. but now all of u r saying d opposite…… wat shud i tell him 2morrow…. one of my frnd says she will not pass……..

  75. the paper was really tough…..too lengthy…..the one mark questions required lot of thinking…..i’m really disappointed…..i didnt get time to attend the 5 mark questions properly….will chemistry be like this ????? after studying a lot will we have to cry after getting the question paper ??? please do something in favour of the students…….please conduct a retest please………..

  76. the question paper was iit level…..we were totally shocked…cbse gave us a real disappointment….please… something for us……please conduct a retest…..please…….

  77. The question No 25 of 55/3 which was on the effect of dielectric on the energy and field of capacitor was incomplete. It was not given whether the battery remained connected or was disconnected…This resulted in utter confusion during the exam.

  78. exam was really difficult , before exam i was expecting 90 mark but after exam i am hopeless that how much i will get,after reading questions our mind went completely blank and we could not even remember answer ,so please kindly make correction liberally.

  79. It is not an exaggerative statement. Normally I finish my paper within 2 1/2 hours. Even 2011 paper i managed to fin1sh within 2 hours and got 69 marks. Today’s physics paper was an easy paper but I never had time to complete the paper. The invigilator snatched away may paper. I couldnt complete 3 one mark questions and two diagrams which hardly needed another 5 to 10 minutes. These questions were well known to me. Had i got this 10 minutes i would have got atleast 68/70. I came from Big questions to small questions. Cant the invigilators be merciful. Can CbSE give atleast 10 minutes grace time for physics paper. CBSE should understand that physics involves both maths and understanding. So they should either give 10 -15 minutes time or stop asking long questions in 3 marks

  80. My Answers to numericals(acc. set 2 all india)
    ………..1. 15 degrees
    ……………2.q/3e e– epsilon0.
    ….3. P to Q , C to D.
    ………….6. Low Resistivity, high mag. permeability
    …………..7. all mutually perpendicular.
    ………8. size will be halved, Intensity 4 times.
    ……….9.(ii) Intensity reduced by four Times.,position will remain unaffected.
    ……….10.yes, i e^-t/RC
    …………11. C at high potential.
    ………..13. adv.- no chromatic abbr,with parabolic mirrror no spherical abbr.
    ………… induction
    ……….15. IF stage, Amplifier
    …………16. 242 ohms, 0.99 A rms
    ……….17. 4:1
    …….19. L1 and L2 = 75cm , L2 and L3 any value.
    ……..21. Sky wave, Space Wave, Ground wave.
    ……..23. 5 ohms…………
    27. paschen series…………
    28. (b) AND gate ………..
    30. (b) 4.8 cm

  81. The paper was really a bullshit… it was so unimportant…every question was just like WTF!!! hah… hours of study gone in vain.. why the hell this happened in this year only..?? don’t know wat will be the result :((

  82. who said dat d ques was easy….it was not……
    It was little bit hard….& lengthy……
    5 mark ques was ok….but i came nervous when i saw 3 and 2 mark ques….. Am expecting 80+… 3 sleepless night and carefree days were of no use…..
    I think cbse will b liberal in checking….hope so….

    Now hope 4 chemistry… of luck……

  83. Disappointed.
    Easy paper with a few tricky questions (but that’s a given isn’t it).
    Horribly lenghthy. :/
    I screwed up a five marker.
    An easy five marker.
    So may barely make it to my expectations. ):

  84. i was planning to study abroad but after my physics exam my parents told that they have find out a shoe factory for me so guys pls tell me that is there any way to get compartment………:(

  85. The paper was lengthy and we dint get enough time to think and do the sums . after studying Ncert whole book and practice papers i thought getting 90+ was very easy but the paper was too conceptual and each qn needed time to think and write . i am kind of disappointed and the conceptual qn of 3 marks was too hard on the whole only 2&5 mark qns were easy . 3 marks qns were terrible. pls make the correction liberal




  87. i think the pattern was totally different from previous year question papers….it was not made for the average and below average students…..even a very few of our studious friends felt difficult then what would be my condition…..

  88. the paper did not follow the usual marks distribution among the chapters nor did it stick to the ‘UPTO 20% HOTS questions norm’ it had about 55-60% HOTS questions. those who prepared well knew how to tackle the questions but couldnt do so because of the lack of time, another half an hour and it would have been a good paper. This comment is to reflect the cries and pleas to the CBSE BOARD to do something about the matter as those who are going for engineering and medical fields are hit the most. Its about our future and our career’s so I humbly request the authorities to take the necessary action.

  89. The difficulty level of the paper was quite high and achieving more than 90% will be difficult too. Students prepare from the previous years’ papers and last year the paper was quite easy. This time there were more application-based questions.

    physics class 12 paper..which was damn tough. more dan anyone wud hv ever expected. The usual important questions were missing wid some nervebreaking hots questions… Really..all dreams n aims shattered. I saw many kids crying outside d center.

  90. its disappointing to see such a physics board paper…..after seeing the last year’s paper,i thought it would be a cakewalk bt nw it wud certainly affect my overall percentage

    Very lengthy and a difficult one too…application was much more than expected

  91. Totally unexpected,especially the essays.Where were the standard essays?I never expected in the world they would be totally avoided.
    It was really tough….. :(((

  92. Before entering the examination hall, was easily expecting 85+ given the standard of board examinations in previous years.
    The paper was no doubt, unexpected.It was brain twisting and the analysis part consumed a lot of time. Hope to score a 60+ so I can at least apply for a decent college.

  93. abe kitna ghatiya paper tha. har saal saala ratne waali bakwaas AC generator, moving coil glavanometer cyclotro aur pata nahi kya kya faltu bakwaas puchte the. aur is saal itni mushkil se main ye sab rat kar gaya aur kuch aya hi nahi. dimaag kharaab ho gaya. 90 soch kar gaya tha main ab 65 bhi aa jaye to abhut hai.

  94. paper was upexpected i am tolally shocked when i saw the paper it was not really tough bt too lengty and totally conceptual.i also saw the previous sample papers and boards paper bt i never saw a paper like this .there were no standard questions like telescope really i m totally shocked now…………..

  95. got 55/1 set…i admit i am not gud at memorising the things…but still the paper was completely unexpected…the topics which i listed in the “most important” list were not seen…all that LENS MAKERS, TELESCOPE, MICROSCOPE,INTERFERENCE, DIFFRACTION, DOUBLE SLIT,CYCLOTRON, GALVANOMETER, LOS COMMUNICATION, DIPOLE (AXIAL,EQUITORIAL),
    there was not even a trace of any of these…
    i really have no idea about my result…every thing’s gone..:(
    curse the person who set the paper…it was meant for “THE SUPER GENIUS” students…atleast not for just GOOD students…

  96. Peculiar i must say….all things which i expected 2 cm 4 sure didnt came….was a bit lengthy too bt was very unexpected….they should think as a student while making these ques. papers….we hv to study other sub too n we hv got so little time 4 phy….if compared to prev. years ques. this 1 was tough…really tough….!

  97. I had been with my son for the last 6 months for his preparations . We had gone through all previous question papaers and many sample papers available from many sources. The final exam questions were too disappointing. I am Post graduate engineer and can’t understand what is CBSE expecting from a 17 year old student. Do they have to be ready to join NASA right after class XII. Whoever prepared this paper has absolutely no sense and understanding of what is expected from education at different stages of one’s life.

    Too lengthy and tough paper; not a real teast of the talent and understanding of the student.

  98. i wrote the foreign set too (55/2/1) and it was okay…. just a little too long. i was wondering how could they ask moving coil galvanometer for 3 marks!

    there were only 2 or 3 numericals and completely unexpected derivations. also a wrong question

    1. Hey!I wrote the same Foreign Set but I still feel that Delhi Set was way better.Foreign Set 1 and 3 were comparatively easier than 2.I don’t know why they set such a weird paper.As everybody said it was “Unexpected”,I prepared according to last year papers and hardly 1-2 qs came.
      P.S:No direct qs were there.Even with Gauss’s theorem they asked a difficult supplementary qs.

      I practiced all the derivations and was totally thorough with ’em.But they asked only 2.From which they asked about the cirular path described by a charge in Magnetic field.
      But at least Delhi Set was SOMEWHAT like the sample papers..ours was neither like official sample papers nor like board papers.

      1. I completely agree with Deepak ,Foreign set was a bit more difficult than Delhi set,I simply wasted my time learning all those derivations ,i expected atleast one of the application of Gauss’s Law ,But no derivations came from electrostatics :-( and even those 2 and 3 mark questions were twisted ,I still cant believe that ,it was my board exam paper :-( Just so unluckyy

  99. paper was nt made for average ones … !!!
    really different from past year papers …… A.I set is most toughest …..Hots are a special attraction of this paper … okk hey i want the procedure and answer of that 3 lens ques(3 mrks),potential difference(2 mrks) and capacitor problem (2 marks) from A.I set 3 …. Please provide to the latest …

  100. Questions toh dekho…….. Expession for dc current in a capacitor??? Foolish a capacitor serves as a block for dc current and offers infinite resistance. What the hell??? No derivations , toughest numericals no imp. questions. spoiled whole feb studying physics but highly disappointing

  101. I feel they should give the entire three marks to everyone who attempted that lens problem…its damn ambiguous… paper otherwise was easy but lengthy… time management was the key… the person who set the paper must ahve jus picked random questions that came to his mind without caring abt the time limit and the level of difficulty… :(

  102. the phy question paper was really tough… the lens problem was really tough..!!! itz more tough compared to last yearz.. and we were not able to attend it so nicely …and the third set was also bit tougher among thre.. plzz be liberal in correcting the paper..

  103. The paper was not so easy..but not too tough..but there were so many unexpected and mind application questions…only 10% question should be hots..but here there were more than 10%…bad…standard derivations were less…compared to earlier years QUESTIONS…





  105. The 13 th questioncode no. 55/2, asks the student to draw the labelled ray daigram of a reflecting telescope and its two advantages over refracting telescope. But a similar question has been asked for 3 marks in 2009 Delhi paper. Like wise in question 30, in either or choice while students who the youngs double slit is lengthy one the other choice contains two short questions only. So those who have attempted the Ii choice were able to complete the paper very easily while those who attended the I choice were not able to do Is it not prudential to offer both choices of equal competence

  106. the paper was really tricky……..never expected such a paper….every question was so tricky that everything had to thought ad only then written……..

  107. physics paper all india was unexpected and it was really lengthy
    the problems 16 i) in set 3 was a bit tricky which made me to loose a lot of time in that and 25th question was a nasty one.
    the 26th question in set 3 was very difficult and it made us to loose a lot of time.
    3 marks ques were so long and there were not many direct questions
    overall physics paper was tough and lengthy
    many students may loose a lot of marks as one of the set is tougher than the other.
    so hope the correction is lineant and we get atleast the marks like the other set students

  108. am really really disappointed aftr the xam……………the paper ws nt at all easy…….its nt tht it ws lengthy….but all the questions wwere like,as smeone said above there ws no derivations,just one frm energy stored…..acccrdng 2 cbse u r expected to put 15 mark questions tht could b answered by any student,tht ws nt 2 b seen in the question paper…exactly like smeone said,this question paper ws meant 4 iit students i feel….doesnt seem fair at all……2 endles sleepless nights spend on this nd all waste…it ws a very disappointing paper…only 10%of the students those who wrote the xam told it ws easy,k,fine…..and the most majority,it ws dreadful…….doesnt seems fair..

  109. the paper was tougher than last years paper….never expected such a paper…… all the questions were tricky .everything had to be thought and only then written……..

  110. Similarly for question no 24 of code no. 55/2 for a 3 mark question diagram, deivation and graph has been called for in 3 mark question which is supposed to be asked in 5 mark question

  111. I hope the papers become tougher. ideally papers should be such that only 10% people should pass and 0.01% should be above 80%.

  112. the paper was damn lengthy….there werent any pocket questions like cyclotron or ac generator…no questions were repeated from previous years papers…there wasnt time to solve the numericals…the paper was not so tough but u had to devote 5 minutes to every question….thats why it was lenthy..

  113. i spent a lot of time studying physics and thought i would do well…but the paper turned out to be very lengthy and some of the questions required time to think…overall it was not good.
    So,please let the correction be liberal…

  114. The paper was set by an intellectual person who really wanted to test the real intellegency of students.Considering the large syllabus of Physics,we can request CBSE to instruct the checker to make lineat marking.
    Donot worry GOD is there to safeguard the interest of students.

  115. which fellow put the question paper ??? does he have any grudge with us?? dnt even feel like studying chem…..after mnths of prepration i ws really disapointd …… phy is really haunting me…….. :( :(

    why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di??
    distancilu physics qstn…
    qstn color black
    black background paper paper
    paper coloru white…
    why this kolaver kolaveri di??
    kaila qstn..(only hotsu..)
    handla qstn
    qstn hot
    eyes bulging out..
    empty paper
    tchr seeu
    corect plz nicely..
    god wat to dou now??
    my lifeu how??
    this song for +2 guyzu
    ………..we dont hav choice….

  117. The question paper was too tough for even a good student. Literally no questions from sample papers. Too many questions of Higher Order Thinking Skills. Pre-board papers were much easier as compared to this. The paper was appropriate brilliant students who are doing a bridge course for IIT’s and AIEEE exams! Cbse must do a liberal evaluation or else millions have to appear for compartment exams. I hope that they understand that many young lives are at a stake and they have to think from a candidate’s perspective.


  118. the paper was totally beyond predictions.the cbse changed the whole pattern without any notifications.even the sample papers issued by cbse were totally different from the derivation part,no easy questions.a student who was thinking of 70% marks before exam would hardly get marks more than 50%.the paper was so disappointing for avg. or just above avg. students.i shouldn’t say this but the suicide cases will increase this year,because we saw so many students who were crying outside the center & saying what would happen to their many student lost their money & hope who filled forms for several seems so impractical but cbse should conduct a poll about physics exam.if 85% students says it was tough,then it must be conducted again.those exams who are pronounced to decide the life of a student shouldn’t be like this.& the last thing,after 5 years,no one asks how the paper was,they only asks what was your percentage.we hope cbse would take strict actions towards it for the sake of thousands of student’s future.

      1. Wondering the situation of those who have only 5subjects like me. Is paper se to candidates ki self-confidence ki dhajjya ur gayi hogi!! Cbse, have mercy!

  119. The physics paper of this year was very tough!..compared to the papers given in the previous year this year it is really tough. I cant tell about the students who study very well but for an avg student the paper was tough and lengthy. This is not fair as people without thinking whether we got easy or tough paper they compare our marks with the state board people whose paper generally is easy!or they even compare it with our Seniors which ll make us feel inferior. At least make the correction liberal so that there wont be many failures!

    1. Mr. Nishant….expecting 70/70 …..are u a machine or did u read the question paper the night before……even if a person read the question paper for half an hour, he will still require more time while attempting the questions individually…SO PLZZ TELL US UR SECRET

        1. Bhai sreenevasan….ab kuch zyaada ho raha hai….the majority here take out their frustration and ur comments are like a complete depressing drug….

  120. There is no question of conducting Physics exam again.Those who attempted or had courage to attempt the questions definitely get marks.At least these guys had the courage to attempt a few questions which were unexpected. Basically it was application based paper.This time the examiner emphasized on application rather than simply mugging the derivations.
    CBSE is considering the lineat marking for this paper.

  121. The physics paper of this year was very tough!..compared to the papers given in the previous year this year it is really tough. I cant tell about the students who study very well but for an avg student the paper was tough and lengthy. This is not fair as people without thinking whether we got easy or tough paper they compare our marks with the state board people whose paper generally is easy!or they even compare it with our Seniors which ll make us feel inferior. At least make the correction liberal so that there wont be many failures!

  122. hi today i was surprised to see so much of comments on physics board paper 2012 .
    but i say that your preparation for the exam was not good. as 55 marks was all direct questions.
    the fellows who got 2 set are lucky than the people who got 1 and i can say that easily one can score above 82marks easily if one is through in all derivations given in test book .
    except 3 numerical questions (2 of 3marks and 1 from 2marks)all other numerical s are direct i think there will be no liberal correction because all the questions were from syllabus.
    but CBSE mistake was that no question came in 3marks and 5marks which the students expected in the exam.
    so guys don’t worry and prepare well for chemistry . as chemistry paper will be TOUGH then PHYSICS.

    1. ” but i say that your preparation for the exam was not good. as 55 marks was all direct questions. the fellows who got 2 set are lucky than the people who got 1 and i can say that easily one can score above 82marks easily if one is through in all derivations given in test book .” I haven’t seen the other sets but I don’t believe there could have been too much of a difference in difficulty. And how can one score 82 that too ‘easily’ if the paper was set just for 70? “so guys don’t worry and prepare well for chemistry . as chemistry paper will be TOUGH then PHYSICS.” Oh, that’s a consolation, alright!!

    1. Completely Flattered!!!!!!!!!!! but wat has jounalism got to do with JEE….. I’M attempting them for my dad’s sake…. but not seriously!!!!
      i wud be happy with 20-25 thousand sal pm in sum newschannels…or with columns in newspapers….
      onli u wud want a freaking corporate job!!!!!!!!!!

  123. How one can say Chemistry paper will be tough than Physics. All are requested to give comments which should encourage student rather than depressing them that chemistry paper will be tougher than Physics.I apeal to all students donn’t worry. Take it easy and relaxed.Physics paper is not the end of road.CBSE is not fool, they have alrady made their mind for Physics paper and evaluation of answer sheet will benefit to all students.
    Have a GOOD SLEEP!

  124. The questions were really unexpected, and HOT level.The exam was also lengthy.Most of the questions cannot be answered just by one look. they need to look at it from the student point of view.

    Seems like theyre testing what we dont know instead of what we do

  125. I talked to a few bright students, all were very upset after the physics exam.A lot of students were found weeping and crying.CBSE need to consider a liberal evaluation this year as the distribution of questions were not followed to support the average students rather it was testing the toppers in a qualifying exam like class XII.This is unfair , the examiner need to have the common sense to understand distribution level of students.If CBSE does not revisit this injustice, no one will enrol for CBSE schools, will go to state schools instead, where the required level of hardship is much less and can spend more time for entrance test practice.I would say the physics guy did not do justice to hard working students, probably he tried to test the bright students.

    1. I agree with you.I wrote Foreign Set 2 and it was more difficult.It had many weird qs.Hardly 1-2 qs came from last 5 years Board papers.And the pattern was not like the one given in official sample papers.Plus it was meant for students who worked hard all the year,in fact even they found it tough and will lose 4-5 marks.But for students who studied in the last 2-3 months,it was difficult,including me.I could have scored more in Delhi set than Foreign.

  126. the exam was tough….compared to previous years…. and of state syllabus…if checking is not liberal, compartment exam will be conducted for many students….. best wishes for chemistry…..\

  127. quetns were tough & out of marking scheme & different pattern..Moderation is their? if their how much will be given?? is it liberal??any hope for pass mark??i’m private canditate>?can i get any liberal valution..plz answer mee??/..

  128. all india paper was damn tough… even the delhi paper was also tough but delhi guys at least had common questions from examples and most were indeed direct questions.. many quesions required attention but scoring over 40 is not difficult… but scoring over 50 is difficult .. if you are an all india board student , your paper was more tough than delhi board paper and dont blame youself for gigivg a bad exam… if CBSE don’t relax marking scheme , get ready for a PILE OF COMPARTMENTAL STUDENTS …forget physics guys . U HAVE 7 DAYZ 2 PREPARE 4 CHEM .. AL DA BST…

  129. The common-base configuration is not included in the portion, even though it is in the NCERT textbook.. And the circuit diagram in the All-India paper, set-III, was wrong, in the sense, out of portion. The polarity of the 5V battery was interchanged. To solve the sum we had to assume certain basic concepts..

    1. dear student
      that was not common base . that is actually the action of transistor using emitter , base and collector region..(were u need not draw circuit diag)…Every question is in syllabus.
      Don’t worry, cbse would definitely make the correction very lenient in favor of the will be getting more than the expected marks.

  130. There was nothing out of syllabus. most of the questions were from the textbook. the only problem was the length and that many students did not expect such kind of questions since they thought the paper would be on the same lines as previous years papers. infact the paper was as per cbse’s policy – they tried to test our understanding rather than simply mugging up.

  131. It was really really annoying to see such a question paper . I felt disappointed and all my hard work done went in vain . The paper was really very lengthy and a bit tough too . Many questions were unexpected and those sure shot were missing.
    Hope that the valuation would be liberal . Please,
    please make it liberal .

  132. paper was really tough and unexpected …
    very sad :( kindly send a letter to cbse fr the special gifts to the students …physics paper &cbse sucks .it was very disastering :(

    1. between l1&l2 its 35
      & between l2&l3 it can be any
      for l3 to form image at i, the
      object must be at infinity, and for
      that, image formed
      by l1 must be at the focus of l2,
      and also image formed by l3 is
      20 cm ahead of l1, i.e., the focus
      of l2(15 cm)
      so, distance between l1 and l2 is
      20+15=35 cm……..
      Between l2 n l3, is infinity(any value)..
      This question was a pure HOTS and should not have come.
      Yup, the paper makes me upset. They set up a hectic paper! Expected a lot, but alas!expectations in vain.

  133. The delhi paper was soo unexpected.the checking should be done in a lenient way. Grace marks should be awarded for at least attempting the question. hoping for the best. (*fingers crossed*

  134. it ws a lengthy papr.nd de lenz prb ws too tricky…it ws soo disappntd coz i ws expctng derivatns lyk cyclotron,generator,transfrmer etz….shud v expct sch a papr fr chm nd maths as well?? …crctn shud b vry liberal!!…

  135. toooooooooooo lengthy….strange that even english paper was shorter than this

    1. Yes, infinity is a RELATIVE term meaning, any number ,can be 1, can be 10 million, .. I think you are right if you had written infinity for distance between L2 and L3 .
      Distance between L1 and L2 is 75 cms.
      (Set’OD’ : 55/2)

      reason : you have to take the mod of the object and image distances and add and not blindly sumup the distances. because, you have to remove sign conventions. [always try to visualize the problem]

      therefore, L1L2 distance = 75 cms

  136. A very disappointing paper this year . There were no expected questions and was quite lengthy. Should we hv to expect the same for chemistry, Maths and Biology????????

  137. Lengthy nd tough.had expected good marks but gone vain.if such aplication based question is to be asked by cbse than what the use of other competive xam.hopinp cbse check it linently

  138. there was no balance between questions. Two marks and three marks question were like five marks question. Where was ncert in this exam

  139. Only questions, 1-8,
    9,12,13,14,15,16,18,23,25,28,29,30 from 55/2 were comparatively easier,although lenghty..the rest were like, hell!! I’ve attempted the rest, lets hope for the best.. Outside the exam hall, many were weeping! Liberal evaluation is a must!

  140. This years Physics paper (all India) paper was really tough. What made is so are listed below:
    (1) It deviated completely from the earlier patterns and also from the sample papers officially set by the CBSE.
    (2) it was surprising to see that there were only one or two numerical problems. So students studied in the pattern suggested by CBSE itself was cheated.
    (3) almost all the 2 marks and 3 marks questions were indirect. Even the learned one can give entirely different explanations for such questions, so that which answer the CBSE men accept will be determined by their own subjective view. This should not be the case for any question paper and is against the ethics of question paper setting.
    (4)Answers to the 5 marks questions were unusually lengthy and most of the students could not write them satisfactorily, that too testing them with difficult questions earlier.
    (5) CBSE had given guidelines as to how many questions should be there ( with marks distribution)from each chapter/ topic. This was not followed by the question setter. He made his own choice! How can he do that? these things upset students planning and expectations.
    (6) rather than setting a question paper covering the syllabus, following the guidelines, and the testing whether a student has studied the subject properly the question setter has turned things according to his view and prejudice. He has no right to do so and CBSE has spoiled their own credibility by entrusting such a person man to do this job.
    (7) In most states class 12 marks have been given 50 % waightage in ranking students for engg and other professional cases. This callously set paper spoiled the aspirations and expectations of thousands of students and their parents.
    Has anybody has the right to do that?
    Will the CBSE rise up to the occasion to understand the feelings of the students ?

  141. i really didnot get enough time to write the exam………..3 mark and 1 mark questions were really confusing……i wish the valuation would be liberal……………..

  142. was in tears after my physics exam which i can term as more than hopeless. the paper was nothing near to my expectations.none of important derivations that had been given 5 star markings by our teachers as vvv imp.was given like cyclotron, MCG direct questions were asked. ques paper not devised keeping in view the different mental standards of students. utterly confusing and dismaying.only if the evaluation was done sympathetically.

  143. can any1 post the solutions to set1 of the delhi phys paper….pata lag jaega koon kitne paani mein hai!!hoping 4 a liberal checking!!

  144. yes the paper was very lengthy…specially the 2 mark question were like 5 mark one’s…..1 mark qustions needed much thinkin…i got delhi SET 3-i wasnt able to complete the last telescope question….yes the paper would hav be easy if d 2 mark 1’s were of 3 marks…n v got lyk 30 mins extra…!!
    all hopes on linent checking…!

  145. From one Vineet Joshi to another, at least for the sake of our common namesake, please don’t let us fail.
    If that happens, the fault I don’t think will entirely be ours.

  146. fact that Physics paper was totally unexpected is true.There could be two reasons for this:
    1)patterns of admissions medical and engineering are to change in coming years.Therefore patterns of questions should have started changing.this may ensure quality of further education.Any student who might obtain above 90 in question papers of this pattern should be extraordinary.
    2)the learning methodology of copy pasta prevalent all over India,most students learn topics by-heart expecting those topics to appear in the boards.
    you can only expect the papers to be of this variable pattern from now.

    So concentrate on coming papers and leave the dead sheep for now…

  147. ” but i say that your preparation for the exam was not good. as 55 marks was all direct questions. the fellows who got 2 set are lucky than the people who got 1 and i can say that easily one can score above 82marks easily if one is through in all derivations given in test book .” I haven’t seen the other sets but I don’t believe there could have been too much of a difference in difficulty. And how can one score 82 that too ‘easily’ if the paper was set just for 70? “so guys don’t worry and prepare well for chemistry . as chemistry paper will be TOUGH then PHYSICS.” Oh, that’s a consolation, alright!!

  148. Since the marks is very important for our future i request you to make the valuation liberal!
    else many of our dreams would be shattered and our future would be at stack..please take appropriate actions and help us in any way you can!

  149. physics has made us lose hope and we hav lost all our confidence!i felt i was good at physics and could make up for chemistry but now it seems to be difficult!!
    only hope and wish now is that cbse makes the correction liberal and save our futures!

  150. the paper was not was just lengthy..the questions you are calling tough were directly based on the examples….it just required a little time management….but surely it was tougher than last year..but that’s what the level should distinguish etween those who studied for just 3 days and those who worked hard for the whole year…@Sreenevasan is right

  151. Is cbse trying to have compete with IIt…i think the paper was too lengthy and a even complicated ….i know earthquake came.which nearly consumed the time..about 5 mins .in the last 20 mins which was realy precious..but the paper was o more shocking than it..common its not about the paper its about our life…this rubbish paper will realy spoiled my percentage..i dont want to cry in my future.i need to help my parents i dnt want to be a burdern for them..plz do something..

  152. God! Paper was pathetic! :( Never expected this bad.I studied lot of derivations but there were only conceptual questions… I hope the other subjects won’t be like physics……..Keeping my fingers crossed… Good Luck for the remaining subjects.

  153. The paper was really tough,pure based on concepts.Lacked numerical,was a huge brain teaser and am not happy with the performance i gave up,no wonder why last year the cut off marks was 100%,this year its gonna be 60%.

  154. i just hate the person who made this paper…didnt he saw the paper Twice…that it was too will u feel…when u knew the u dnt have tym to do them…and ur future is based on it..Is cbse going to make my belly fill in my future…

  155. well, actually the paper was not at all a truely balanced paper. Around 40-45% of the paper was above average. All the predictions of questions failed and very less questions were from previous year papers. Very difficult to score above 90. CBSE should take appropriate steps to relive students. As our future lies in the marks we get. May GOD and second GOD (CBSE) have pity on us.

  156. Its almost unanimous that students want liberal valuation. As far as direct questions are concerned, i think out of 70, 40marks are direct. Some are saying its easy, maximum says it was tough.. To be true, I found 48marks to be EASY. The rest were HOTS and of the level of higher education. Not of 12th standards. Those who go for coaching for AIEEE and IITs, they should not be having much difficulties because they are taught physics of higher education. For others, it was really a nightmare, no matter how much well he/she prepares. Hope cbse checks leniently.. And also, my best wishes for chemistry friends. Study well and do good.:)

  157. @vineet-yeah I am speaking about 55/2 only. You may be right, but could you please explain how you got 45? Why did you add up 10units? Or may be I am wrong. I’ve asked our phy teacher, who couldnot answer it and told me to wait till tomorrow. I asked a friend of mine who is a nerd studying in Resonance, kota and he says that I am correct. Lets see.
    Man, this question was a legend.!!!

  158. I agree with you.I wrote Foreign Set 2 and it was more difficult.It had many weird questions.Hardly 1-2 qs came from last 5 years Board papers.And the pattern was not like the one given in official sample papers.Plus it was meant for students who worked hard all the year,in fact even they found it tough and will lose 4-5 marks.But for students who studied in the last 2-3 months,it was difficult,including me.I could have scored more in Delhi set than Foreign.

  159. the paper was pathetic.. i dont know wats with all India set but Delhi paper truely sucks… it was lengthy n conceptual and contained only one derivation.. percentage is going to go down and i hope du cutoff are not that high coz it is going to be very difficult to grab a seat…

  160. Paper was tough and lengthy … We had an earthquake in Delhi so it added to the stress levels. Moreover, the answer to the question, why AC voltage used in charging Capacitor is that when DC current is there, frequency is very low, so using formula, Xc (capacitive reactance becomes infinite) , but when AC current is there , frequency becomes high and thus Xc decreases ;\ .. Getting 80-85

  161. oh… god.. wat a dreadful day was march 5… i didnt ever expected dat the board wil do such a cheatng to us… Am even doubtful whether we attended the XII phy. qsn : or IIT entrance exam qsn:…
    I hope dat the board will make the evaluation liberal nd am sincerely prayng for dat…

  162. wrote 55/1 was expecting around 62-64 but then this morning while going through the paper i realized that i missed 2 two mark questions!I just didnt see them because of the questions being in hindi also :.(

  163. dear cbse toppers are not the only people writting this examz,we like average students also need a good future…even if u get 69 out of 70… it is difficult to pass thru the cut off mark..y such a paper??? it was damm tough than last year… our whole years hardwork hav gone a waste..and v get such a paper…plus it was lenthy…15 min read the question paper.plan and write the answer aaaahhhh such a question paper wat is ter to plan????v r not keep a mind set..”okay paper is tough ,i am going to fail.. i hav to finish it by time!!!!” its our future 12years plz people understand… plz make the correction atleast easy…

    to my dear toppers..
    if u hav writtern the paper well ..okay all the best..get full marks in oter subjects also…plz don’t scare us by posting comments like ” paper was damm easy..expecting 95%”. we too r humans…(its a request)

  164. Physics exam was really tough…too tough…..I took most of my time to study derivations & the question paper really lacked derivations.Most of the questions where unexpected.How can the board be such cruel to students? Such a lot of studies,many sleepless nights,hope of scoring above 95% marks,desire for a bright future,….all now in darkness.I am now totally discouraged.Please please make the valuation liberal…….. please………..

  165. exam left tears from my eyes… it was tough to solve the 3 marks que.. but 1 and 5 are easy one… total que paper was set on application based… secondly it was not 3 hours paper at all… the most embarrassing thing was that when i need extra sheet they took my more than 15 min to take the sheet from office and then provide them to us… its really embarrassing…

  166. what will be ans of que4 set 3 .how the frequency of em change in a material medium.i have written frequency of em wave not change in a medium.please tell is it right

  167. .what will be ans of que4 set 3 .how the frequency of em change in a material medium.i have written frequency of em wave not change in a medium.please tell is it right

  168. Dear All,

    It was really a tough paper and I wonder why the question paper guy compete to spoil the life of students.I am not advocating for easy or repeated questions, but he has to consider this is qualifying exam , not a selection test.There are children from various spheres with varying learning capabilities and not all of them going to be scientists in this subject.I sincerely recommend CBSE management,please don’t be instrumental in spoiling hard working students who are not that bright in application solutions.It should be a mixed question paper subject to the declared guide lines and pattern of questions.This question paper seems to be spoil sport one and average children should not be failed with ref to their performance to this question paper.Hon.Minister Kapil Sibal is a very positive person in this area and his attention should be brought to this particular issue.


  169. I had chat with a few high performers and teachers , all are sad and heavy minded to adjust with the dilemma with this question paper set 2. This qustion paper setter seems to be cruel person living in the domain of something that he could not understand what he was asked for, by CBSE.He seems to be showing his skill in physics at the cost of lakhs of students, many of them will never study physics after class 12. He has not considered competetion of CBSE students with state students in terms of percentage.Very sad to say it was absurd and never support a society of mixed capabilities , particularly while considering it is a qualifying examination not an entrance test for admission to IIT or AIMS.Bottom line is , if CBSE does not step in favour of students, there may be many casualties just because of this particular guy, god knows who the chemistry guy is…

  170. Hey guys…. we forget thank the admin for giving this forum and much needed sharing of thought….. thanks a lot asmin!!!!!!!!!

  171. The Question was not tough at all but somewhat lengthy.I managed to answer all the questions when the bell rang.Made some silly mistakes due to lack of time in the end.Overall a good paper and expecting to score over 96 marks.

  172. iam totally despondent about the paper..its like a nightmare for me……….i havnt even come out from the tension and stress it had created upon me…i entered the hall well prepared expecting a 95+ ,but totally left all ma hopes after seeing the paper…i think they were trying to match the paper with the iits…even though a little bit of thinking would have brought us the ans the tension didnt allow me…the paper seemed short initially,but after starting i felt it very lenghthy….many questions were like catacombs…i started frm the last and had 15 questions to be finished in the last 30 mins………didnt even have a chance to attempt few questions …i think now making the correction liberal is the only way out as this mark is gonna mark our future……………

  173. really unexpected.. vry much lengthy…was a vry damn paper which destroyed all my hope.. i had sbout scoring in phy…!!! hope atleast the remaining subjects ll be easy


  175. According to me , the paper was easier to the JEE aspirants as the paper was full on conceptual . But for an average student , it was quite difficult . Also 2 marks and 3 marks questions were lengthy . Overall , I was thinking of scoring 95+ earlier but now 90+ also seems difficult . It is to pass but difficult to score high type of paper .
    I am getting a feeling that chemistry is going to be worse ..

  176. EXTREMELY UNEXPECTED AND LENGTHY!!! u just can’t expect us to finish that!!! come on!!! we’re just kids!!! agreed that u were testing us for our concepts… fine… then what was the need for putting in lenghty ques???!!!! one of the two is a done deal… but u can’t keep heads and tails for yourself!!!! think of all the students … they are aspiring for good colleges… if this is the state how will they ever cross the cut off??!!! i’m extemely dissatisfied!!! i thoroughly enjoyed the paper but in the end what matters is the marks…. which i’m going to lack bcoz i couldn’t complete 2 3 mark ques and blindly answered the IF stage ques in a hurry so forgot to write their functions…. and in the same state of worry of completeling my paper messed yp the resistance numerical!! 3 sleepless nights go in vain!!

  177. lengthy but a paper of a very good level but i expected a lil easier one..!!
    still expecting above 60(fingers crossed)!!
    & wishing every1 good luck :)!!

  178. a question paper set as if it is to destroy the lives of us….not all of us are JEE-ians….cbse..plzz dont destroy our lives! atleast be a lil liberal when u are correcting the answers!!

  179. jo jo yahaan CBSE aur Vineet Joshi ban kar comment kar rahe hian ja kar Chemistry ke liye pad lo. warna Chem ke baad bhi yahi haal hoga. rote hue yahaan bas comment karte rehna ki paper bahut hard tha.

  180. this paper was unexpected. the paper was completely different from that of last 6 years. the scenario of the examination hall was really pity cz few students was in tears. getting pass mark became difficult. last few years paper had no such questions that would make students cry but this year it was. it is my humble request to all the teachers to make some consideration or else students will have no other option. please.

  181. dear muttel

    i do appreciate your feeling my daughter went through the same feelings inspite of her passion for physice she owed not to studied the subject because of the person who set the physics paper.
    i hope the chemistry person would be a fairer soul. lets hope for the best best of luck

  182. answer for that question is not an equipotential surface. that is actually a DISPLACEMENT CURRENT. U NEED TO WRITE THE EXPRESSION FOR DISPLACEMENT CURRENT.


  183. The paper was not at all upto the standard.. The 15% easy, 70% average and 15% difficult was not at all followed, though it was set by CBSE itself. There were no numericals from the optics part, though they were supposed to be important and carry a lot of marks. The paper in itself was very , veeeery lengthy and tricky! When it coms to derivation, i hardy saw any direct derivation though theory was supposed to account fot about 70% of the marks..! Rather than evaluating our physics skills and concepts, the question paper setter decided to show us what he knew as, perhaps, a PhD in Physics .. The pocket questions were missing and the pattern was not even comparable to all the previous years’ papers.. What was CBSE playing at?? These exams decide our future, our entire bloody life! I’ve still not been able to get past it’s depression and concentrate on my next exam, Chemistry. All I request, just like my fellow 12thies, is that the evaluation must not be just liberal, but verry liberal and lenient.. Remember that not everybody is a genius in Physics, not everybody is a Newton or Einstein, and none of us are D.Phils in Physics..

    We have put our faiths in CBSE’s members once again, this time hoping that they will take necessary steps to make sure that their mistakes do not cost us our future…

  184. Paper was too lengthy.! The questions were simple(most of them) but there was enough time to attempt all the questions. really feel disgusted after the exam. If you compare this with last year this was too much. CBSE should check into it :P

  185. exam was really tough. ………3 marks were so much confusing.many of my classmates were crying after the many strange questions came.fearing our percentage will come down.2011 paper was so easy.lose the confidence of comilng exams.please make liberal evaluation……

  186. the paper was very different this time only conceptual qns were asked not even a std derivation it was lengthy too . dint get enough time to think we want liberal correction pleasee . this is really terrible thing the paper was quite tough. we want good response to the paper

  187. the effort teachers put in teaching, students in learning so that we could get really the marks we all want for the whole year was just a waste.! how can anyone get into an engineering collage with poor marks that too in physics! what was the point in my handwork when i wont get the marks I actually deserve. ?

  188. all the people i have asked about how the exam went for them,the only answer i got is that the paper was unexpectedly tough or it was soo lengthy that we couldnt finish the paper.well i have the same view about it,evn i could not attempt all questions due to lack of time but since i started from question no 30 i saved my self from losing 5 marks instead i lost 1 marks.
    I think all the students should be given grace marks as the difficulty level of the paper was too high for students specially the 3 marks and 2 marks.
    Thank you.

  189. we r totally disappointed….we studies more than 100 derivations n there was only 1-2 derivations…the questions were unexpctd as well….the questns , especially from the 2 and 3 marks were hard….though the 5 mark questions were OK , the rest screwed us up…i request cbse to be liberal in the valuation….

  190. we r totally disappointed….we studied more than 100 derivations n there was only 1-2 derivations…the questions were unexpctd as well….the questns , especially from the 2 and 3 marks were hard….though the 5 mark questions were OK , the rest screwed us up…i request cbse to be liberal in the valuation….. PLEASE BE LIBERAL…!!!

  191. didnt get half of the questions…..cud have given better questions for foreign board which cud have been scoring for average students…like questions on gates…or lenz law….something which people wud have surely studied due to their probability of coming……..screw u guyz….how do u expect us to get now 90% above with such a bad paper..!:(

  192. I was so happy to see this paper.It was tooo eazy.but it was tooooooooooooo lengthy and there was no time to think and write…I am not as fast as many of my friends and i couldnot complete my xam….it is a night mare for me now…it shouldnot have been this much lengthy…

  193. paper was horrible those 15 min of reading was like kala akshar baas barabarr… paper was totally unexpected … weightage provided were not according to the paper…nd if they have prescribed NCERT as study material then they should put paper according to tht … we havent done P.hd in physics huhhh sophication in cheacking is expected…

  194. I want to know one more thing.if cbse make valuation liberal those who felt the xam tough will benefit but what about students like me who felt the paper so lengthy and didnot even get time to attempt all questions……i have lost all my hope…..

  195. paper was unexpected… lens que was disgusting…
    i had done this way….image formed on focus of 3rd lens… thus accdng to lens formula u is infinity……dis b/w l2 n l3 infinity and l1 l3 any value….
    hope thek ho jaye…

  196. What was that??????i still can’t believe that it was a cbse board paper. although m a bright student and got full marks in my pre – boards but now m expecting 35-40 marks only :( . that was really hard.
    i hope k chemistry paper will b easy..

  197. The paper was damnnnnn toughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..

    IIT was supposed to be held on the 8th of april, and not on the 5th of march………….

    CBSE better do liberal corrections, else cbse responsible for the suicides of a large no of AVERAGE students…………………………………

  198. 1.physics paper was highly unexpected.CBSE didn’t stick to its own marking scheme.Electromagnetic waves carries 3 marks weightage but it finds no mention in Set 1 of All India paper.Moreover the paper was not as per the required % of easy, average and
    difficult level questions. 2. I humbly request the CBSE authorities to consider following suggestions sympathetically keeping in mind the future of students :
    a. Be liberal in evaluating answersheets.
    b. Provide some gracemarks also as most of the students couldn’t attempt more than 50% of paper or some not even passing marks paper as they were shocked to see such a paper so liberal marking alone won’t be sufficient.
    3. As students have to appear in the competitive exams for which they already applied ,liberal marking & also grace marks would only make them eligible for these exams.Moreover 12th class % matters a lot.
    Please give some assurance to students so that they be able to concentrate on their next papers.

  199. it was worst paper.. unexpected questions..felt like some questions were from out of syllabus… people who usually get above 90 was disappointed by telling that they wil get only 75- 80…there was no time to complete al questions.. some of my frnds were crying… students who usually get just pass mark was thunder striken… even sample papers was more easy……

  200. 1. Physics paper was highly unexpected.CBSE didn’t stick to its own marking scheme.Electromagnetic waves carries 3 marks weightage but it finds no mention in Set 1 of All India paper. Moreover the paper was not as per the required % of easy, average and difficult level questions.
    2.I humbly request the CBSE authorities to consider the following suggestions sympathetically keeping in view the future of students :
    a.Be liberal in evaluating answersheets.
    b.Provide some grace marks aiso as most of the students couldn’t attempt more than 50 % of paper or some not even passing marks paper as they shocked to see such a paper so liberal marking alone won’t be sufficient.
    3.As students have to appear in competitive exams for which they already applied, liberal marking and also grace marks would only make them eligible for these competitions. moreover 12th class marks matter a lot.
    Please give some assurance to students so that they be able to concentrate on their next papers in a proper way.

  201. Really Tough enough.. The expected 5 marks questions was not on the list .. and everything was reallly HOTS type.. Not meant for the average or even above average . :

    again :
    ** Science won ., Humans Failed **

  202. cbse delhi set 1 was one of the toughest paper i ever seen… unexpected question,.. qustion was of iit level.. if cbse dont do liberal correction with grace mark.. den only and oly cbse will be responsible for dis.. and our all form will go waste… cbse will be responsible for our lesser percentage nd be will nt be able to get adm.. in goot institute so plzz cbse be very very liberal in correction…

  203. ****ing question,. hardly any one will paass in cbse delhi set 1… unexpected ques… cbse would have been bit generous.. all our hard work went in a vain.. m dissapointed.

  204. delhi set 1,toughest question ever , unexpected question, it was cbse not iit or aiims.., if anyone fail cbse will be responsible for failed student commiting sucide… nevr expected dis type of question.. 1 yer our hard work went wastage.. its really suck..

  205. exm was nt acc to blue print and there was nt important dervtn even a single…………………………………………………………………….ug

  206. toughest paper its really verd hard for average student.i am expecting above 60 marks but now i am not able to score more than 30 marks.

  207. Before giving this kind of paper it is suggested to give to all teachers of physics to attempt and then see whether they are able to score perfect 100 only after that this kind of paper should be given to the students who are appearing for the BOARD which is equivalent to the making or breaking their career. Desperately requir linient marking

  208. Though the paper was not of the standard of an average XII th class student. Also all the questions cannot be finished within the allotted time except for some EXTRAORDINARY BRILLIANT STUDENTS.
    Some 3 mark questions had 3 or 4 sub questions. Also many problems which were ear-marked by the teachers did not even appear in the paper for 1 mark.
    Instead many unimportant questions appeared in the question paper. Actually that made the question paper a tearbraker as announced by the Times Of India

  209. I was hoping to get admitted to a law school this year. I had opted for science just to keep my options open, and I had studied for the physics exam just enough to pass and get approximately sixty to sixty-five percent. But almost none of the expected questions were present.

    And now, after taking the exam, I feel like I won’t even pass.

  210. When will I get form for compartment exam.I want to give compartment exam.Can I appear for that test before IIT and AIEEE admissions because i dont want to waste one year.If I get IIT or NIT College then I wont be able to take admission because of failing in physics.So i want to give Physics compartment exam as soon as possible.

  211. I hope chem will be easy
    Coz I love physics and it turned out to be hard
    I hate chemistry.Now I cant even imagine going to the exam hall once again to write chemistry

    1. None of teh usual expected questions came.. Paper was totalli unexpected…. I hope for lenient correction….. Other than that im too busy praying to recollect my paper….

  212. The physics papr was damn too lengty….
    i missed two 3 marks questions to attempt.
    Moreover, the the distribution of marks was not apt. like, in 2 marks v hav to describe about all d waves along with the diagram.
    The numerical was also not upto the mark specially of nuclear physics.

    I just hope that the checking gets lenieant enough to score good.

  213. send me the answer key of physics set-1 at (…………..frenzzzz paper was too hard & lenthy………

  214. 1.Physics paper was highly unexpected.CBSE didn’t follow its own marking scheme.Electromagnetic waves carries 3 markss weightage but it finds no mention in Set 1 of All India Paper.Moreover paper was not as per required % of easy,average and difficult level questions.
    2.I humbly request the CBSE authorities to consider following suggestions sympathetically keeping in view the future of students:
    a.Be Liberal in evaluating answersheets.
    b.Provide some Grace Marks also as most students couldn’t attempt more than 50% of paper and some not even passing marks paper as they shocked to see such a paper so liberal marking alone won’t be sufficient.
    3.As students have to appear in competitive exams for which they already applied so Liberal Marking and also Grace Marks would only make them eligible for these competitions.Moreover 12th class marks matter a lot.
    Please give some assurance to the students.

  215. paper was vry tough……….i hv nt leave a single topic of physics while studing n was expectd 90%… wen i saw question paper, i was shoked……n now m nt sure whether i ll pass or nt……dis paper is meant for SUPERINTELLIGENT STUDENTS……OF SOME ANOTHER WORLD……..NOT 4 US……..CBSE PLZZZZZ DONT DO DIS WID US….

  216. paper was vry tough……….i hv nt leave a single topic of physics while studing n was expectd 90%… wen i saw question paper, i was shoked……n now m nt sure whether i ll pass or nt……dis paper is meant for STUDENTS……OF SOME ANOTHER WORLD……..NOT 4 US……..CBSE PLZZZZZ DONT DO DIS WID US….nw expecting cbse would b lineant in cheking………….plz plz plz be liberal in cheking yar……….

  217. The paper was tooo lengthy.
    Lacked Numericals
    All over Difficult.

    CBSE pls consider all the students future.

    All of us need 60% in PCM to apply for AIEEE

    Be Kind In MArking The paper.


  218. the paper was a lengthy and balanced one .the questions like lens one was too hard & hardness was unexpected for a three day gap paper .one really need to put his brain in the paper to crack it , the crampers cant easily pass . the paper was well planned one need to really read questions very very carefully.

  219. i will explain why all these are done from cbse if questions will be easy then every one will pass if every one will pass then how CBSE will get revenue

  220. CBSE authorities must understand that 80% – 90% of CBSE students are going to participate the competition with state board students for their admission in professional colleges. Parents like me are highly worried about their cutoff marks after reading the comments posted above. State board students may come with 200 cutoff marks. So, please be lenient in evaluation.

  221. plz cbse provide grace marks to students who are getting 21/22 out of 70 in delhi & all india paper so to paas the exam…
    the paper was not very tough as most of questions are conceptual & logical.. but cbse should understand there is a time limit for students to answers which is less we can’t answers all questions in 3 hours with so much thinking .. getting only 25-28 marks in board exam,,( got 45 marks in pre boards which used to be tougher than boards ),
    but after exam get over it took me around 5-6 hours to understand all questions which based on concept
    we are humans not machines.. so be kind to average students & do provide grace marks & lenient checking..


    A question is misspelled and its wrong! isnt it?

    in set 1 its Q26

    a question which ask us to use the BOHR’S POSTULATE TO PROVE K= -2 U
    which is impossible as K = -1/2 U

    NOW how can one report to the board to give free 3 marks!!

  223. Very Cruel,Unexpected,Repeated question were totally ignored,Marking scheme was not followed accurately,I can’t say that paper was very lengthy cause i got enough time to sleep well during the exam.

  224. it was really tough. all of our students were crying and all. i think the questions as a whole were time consuming. where were the essays and long answer type questions like van de graff ,ac, cyclotron , moving coil galvanometer?
    how it will be about if other boards scores more marks than cbse? are they sure that it will not affect our future?
    why are they doing new new experiments on us?
    please please please make the valuation liberal!!!!

    1. Hai me to from kerala.
      nyangalum aa same questions okke pratheshichatha..
      But enthu parayana…
      Transistor as a switch, ocilattor,mangatholi,thengakola,enthokke aayirunnu,……
      Iniyipo checking liberal aakan vendi prathikuka..
      Am frm Idukki.

    2. Many questions appeared to b time consuming n needed thinking…….. no direct questions…. (flux thruh a cube having 10 am side and charge q at centre ? )….. choondayittu meenine pidikunna pani thanne. Exams tholpikan manapoorvam undakunnathano?

  225. Physics exam was too tough.. I think i will pass. The question paper was too lengthy that i couldn’t complete..

    CBSE please make provision for making all average students like me pass in this exam because this exam determines our future. Please..Please..

  226. if i attempt all questions in cbse board but we gave all the answers of that questions are not correct then cbse and the teachers who checks the answer sheet, they give us some marks for passing.

  227. it was a very lengthy paper and not standard at all. there was too much asked in even 2 n 3 mark questions. and there was lack of numericals. and few questions were even out of main syllabus and cbse must take into account that students of outskirt schools do not have much facilities n material for study n depend solely on the ncert book. it was really disappointing. and paper should have been set for atleast 4 hours to be able to complete! its really harsh that the board wants to play with students’ lives.

  228. i dnt understand who d hell had made d ques paper……………..:( really sad…cn any1 ell me cn i get marks on attmpting ques like d numricl on fnding resistance,finding the potential diff b/w two points…even though its wrong yet attmpted it guysm talking abt all india sets.,.

    1. dont knw sonali simply cant predict anything nw yar ……..hope they r lenient with marking (fingers crossed)they hav really played with us i dont undersatnd few children r saying one question was wrong if so .r they nuts !!!!!!je to karta hai isko bolo maro salo !!!

  229. Exams r meant to check student’s understanding on the subject. But the physics paper seemed to b trying to hunt students down and trap thm in tricky questions….
    Few questions were higher order and needed lot more time. Most of the questions were from irrelevant parts of the subject…….
    I really felt helpless and terrified and i still am terrified, which is disturbing me from preparing for next papers……..

  230. it was very tough exam and was above my seems to be very tough, ever in history of cbse physics exams.even though,numeical problems are enough but diagrams are less.


  232. The plus two Physics question paper 2012 was not only lengthy but also very tough.My ward has spent a lot of time studying numerical problems and derivations which had gone waste.What will happen to the total percentage if such papers are set.People resposible should remember that they are playing with the future of lakhs of children.

  233. the paper was nt hard or lengthy…as all are sayin….bt d paper was illogical…1 marks questions were tough….5 marks easy….3 marks questions jus screwed it alll….after all…god knows abt d result”””

  234. plzz make the evaluation liberal both physics and chemistry were tough for me .im sure i cant score a better mark on this question paper.hope that cbse will take action.

  235. sir,
    after i came out of the exam hall after giving my physics exam, i realized i jumbled up 3 simultaneous question for eg instead of writing ques no. 25, i mistakenly wrote Ques no. 24, so in a way my 3 questions had the answers corresponding to the next question, will my answers be cut on this basis, or will examiner look after the matter, n consider my mistake.. plz rply..

  236. IT WAS A DISASTER!! seriously,they cant do that!! Specially wen admission into IITs n Other inst. WILL NOW BE DONE BY 12 MARKS MOSTLY!!! WE WANT A RETEST!! COZ EXAMS ARE UNTIL 16 APRIL,IT SHUDNT B A PROBLEM!!


    1. Maths was tough ??? :D you’re a big dumbo then….Maths was the easiest,I would say..
      you’re surely lying about ur physics paper!!

  238. the paper was all easy.. there was nothing for which anyone can say it’s hard.. and if someone felt as if the paper was hard , it simply means that he didn’t studied in xii and neither in the preparation time for all the questions from the book.. further cbse should not provide any liberation in marks for everyone should get what he or she deserves..the paper was a bit different but one could have easily solved in case any preparation was there -(

  239. Is CBSE-2012 planning on failing class XII
    students as there is no compartment exams this year? Don’t you think it’s unfair to us?
    And there’s no benifit in being declared
    ‘passed’ by grace as colleges don’t easily
    admit students passed by grace. CBSE should atleast spare students on this and do not mention the tag line ”PASSED BY GRACE.”
    Future of students are on stake. I mean,
    most students aren’t able to study in good
    schools and even doesn’t have excess to
    coachings due to economical problems. Even if they are studious, they can’t study stuff written in NCERT books all by their own.
    Don’t you think it will be unfair to those?
    CBSE is in some way playing with most
    pupil’s lives(/future) as it has granted a
    school it’s affilation but doesn’t even check
    for once in a year the faculty of that school.
    I guess, I’ve made my point.
    Spread the word.
    Thank you!
    Yours truly,
    Visha (Someone who’s being exploited by a
    CBSE- affilated school in someway because
    CBSE doesn’t care to enquire about the
    faculty of a certain CBSE-affilated school.)

  240. the physics paper valuation should be liberal otherwise our rank in kerala engineering will go down.compared to state board.please,please…..

  241. Paper bhot hard tha, and i am expecting 50 marks out of 70, ab itne bi nhi aaenge 30 tk hi aaenge. Bai ibki baar to bhunda haal bana deya physics ke paper ne. Ib k kara ja sake jo hua so hua. Ram hi rakhwale haen.

  242. bachaoo…bachaoooo….bachaoooo koi physics ke paper se bachaoooooooooooooooooooo………….
    cbse we R NT MACHINES we are human beings……if u want to stop rate of suicides den pls make justice….wid d level of checkng nd providing minimum passing marks….to all children………:( :(

  243. It turns out to be an absolute foolishness, opting CBSE +2 , rather than state +2 while both curriculum teaches NCERT texts.Half of the time my daughter spent for CBSE exam could be diverted for entrance practice. After Physics exam she did not open entrance books due to the fobia created by physics paper.

    I sincerely advise all my friends here to enroll in state syllabus so that liberal scoring is possible and lot of time can be spent for entrance practice as well.

    1. i do share the views of ouseph in this matter. the physics question paper has shocked the mindset of pupils. my daughter is now spending sleepless nights after this exam. i don’t know how to console her.

  244. the question paper, i think, was prepared by some person who set the q paper for IAS. the paper was very very difficult. i lost confidence after this exam, which lead to poor performance in rest of exams. it shocked me.

    1. yar my brother was teling its just a big mess ……they say they willl do grace thats a bigeest lie ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,no extra marks or grace is going 2 be given

  245. @rahul, i think we should start reading between the lines, if you can go thru the last reply of admin he/she said “There were students who got 100%. SO, in such a case, the pass %age should be at par with last years” admin is giving is a hint that the pass %age is something similar to last year. This is my understanding.

  246. Dear SRENEVASAN,



  247. @ vishnu ANd @ every one in this forum…. well i’m really really sorry for my actions…..i noe i was being an arrogant little toerag…. i didn’t mean to be…i was very ecstatic….and i ofcourse i am out of tat cloudnine….. really repenting
    (actually crying) about wat transpired in the end….. i’m really really sorry…..@ nishant and@kapil @jaskaran as well…… SO SORRY….
    really i’m in a greater concern about wat next in life….. dabble in journalism or engineering…tat question is really killing me…….

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