How was CBSE Maths 2016?

CBSE Maths 2016 for class XII is now one of the most discussed topics. How was the paper?


There are as usual mixed responses. Even the bright ones complained that the paper was lengthy.

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Some of the comments from students are:

“We were more prepared for NCERT based questions, but the paper was set from other books,”

“A number of questions were from RD Sharma,”

“We faced shortage of time, as the questions were difficult to understand. In fact, I did not find the answers for a lot of questions, and I had to submit the paper with only the workings.”

“There were similar questions to what I practiced from the help books, rather than the NCERT textbook”


“The one-mark questions were lengthy and required us to go through complex steps, which was time-consuming.”

“Concepts such as Linear Programming and Matrices which have generally got easy questions over the years had tough questions this time. Every question was tricky, as a result of which many of us found it tough to finish the paper on time and many students, including the top scorers in schools, were crying after the exam,”


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