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How was AISSE (CBSE Class 10) 2010 Science Question Paper ?

26 March 2010 : Today CBSE conducted Science Exam for AISSE (CBSE Class X).

Some students responded that many questions were unexpected and unconventional.

What is your opinion?

  • Was there any error in any of the questions?
  • Was there any question out of syllabus?
  • Was the paper lengthy?

Post your comments and reactions here as intense debate comments below.
You can also post the doubtful questions for discussion.

10 replies on “How was AISSE (CBSE Class 10) 2010 Science Question Paper ?”

d paper ws ok.sum unexpectd ques oders copied frm cbse sample papers. the most hillarious thing ws dat one ques was incomplete(i mean it) the voltage wasnt given n many wer confusd.oders wer smart.dey assumed it 2 b 1.5 v………………..

Exam was quite good, but 16th question info was not Sufficient.
Does anyone have the solutions of MCQ paper.
if then please forward it to <>

does anyone know wen the results will be out ??
another dt , will v be getting marks 4 de qn were the voltage wasnt given for the 2nd sub division????

where will v get the qn papers?? the board xam ones??
is there ny website 4 tat??
need to check ma answers b4 the results r out!!!

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