These days competition to get admission in a reputed engineering college is really stiff. There is a large number of books available in the market. Students are suggested to study plenty of books, which in my opinion is not possible. When the students join top quality training institutions for preparation, they are given such a tough lessons from the day one, which only almost 10% students are able to digest, other students just keep carrying with them because they had already paid hefty sums as admission fee. In the months of november and december the pressure of board exainations build up to such an extent that they leave the course in between, throw away the competition material and then look for the ncert and other books prescribed for the board examinations. But they find themselves nowhere. Every year i find a large number of students in this situation. So i would like to suggest to the students and the parents sincerely, not to run after the coaching institutions blindly. The advertisements of the coaching institutions shows the photographs and names of only the students who have been selected in the good instituions, which in reality is a very very small fraction of their total enrollment. You never comes to know about the failures of other students (which is quite a large fraction of the total enrollment), who otherwise if had studied their board syllabus poperly would have done very very well. This is happeining even to the students who have secured even 80% – 90% marks in their matriculation examinations.
I would like to suggest the following procedure to prepare for your board examinations as well as other competitions simulateously in the subject of physics. First of all todays competition demands regularity and hard work (but only in proper direction). After the board examination of matriculation, start preparing from your Ncert text books. If you find it hard consult other books (I will reccomend Modern’s ABC of Physics or Principles of physics by S. Chand and co.). Solve Numericals from hc verma, take the help from your teacher or click this link for solutions. You must follow a rgular exercise of solving at least 10-15 problems daily. When you end up with 5th unit on rotational motion, start studying studying Objective approach to Physics volume 1 by D.C. Pandey(Arihant Publications), simultaneously with your regular course. It is a really good book. Solve atleast 20 MCQ’s daily. Keep Fundamentals of physics by Halliday/ Resnick as reference book. If you finish all this in time then start with 31 Years IIT-JEE chaterwise solutions by Mtg (Finish chapters from +1 syllabus i.e. upto waves ). Join any Test series of a reputed institute (e.g. FIIT-JEE or Brilliant Tutorials or Akash). Follow the same schedule in +2 in addition to that start solving problems from Physics spectrum which is a monthly mgazine published by Arihant publications. In this maganzine every month one topic from +1 and other from +2 is thoroughly covered. If You find time before the competition just go through MCQ by D. Mukherjee which is quite a small and very good book.
If You follow this schedule properly you will never find yourself in any pathetic situation and will surely end up by getting admission in any engineering institute of repute. But always remember that there is no alternative to hard work and regulaity.