Doubt from HC Verma’s Concepts of Physics Volume I

If any one can explain step wise calculation of Example no. 17 of Chapter 2 of concepts of Physics by H C Verma Vol. 1.
Thanks in advance


Solutions to the entire problems from concepts of Physics by HC Verma available at as well as

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  1. i am very thankful to that particular website plustwophysics for having the solutions of hc verma thanks a lot one suggestion please give some ways to improve physics

  2. guys iam also preparing for iit jee .best thing required is get up early.i bet that it will help a lot. thanks lol.

  3. I have doubt in hcv solutions given by this website..from hcv volume 1 part in
    Im the 8th chapter work power and energy in question 53.
    In the (a) bit why havent we took the formula as v square/r + mg instead of v square by r
    why is +mg missing in the formula for tension??

    1. The situation matters… If light is travelling from one transparent medium to another, its speed and wavelength changes but the frequency remains unchanged.