CBSE Maths heats up Parliament

The issue of this “very tough” CBSE Maths paper has been taken up to parliament.

During a zero hour discussion, Kerala Congress member K. V. Thomas stated that “the government should take it seriously” since the Maths exam CBSE devastated the hopes of many students and most of them were in tears and tension after the exam.

Whereas on one side CBSE pledges to decrease the stress and tension, on the other side it seems to be pledged to elevate tension and stress for class XII students.

50 percent of the questions in the paper were based on Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) compared to the 20% as per CBSE norms.

Many students faced a time crunch in completing the paper.

This time, don’t know why  CBSE bypassed its tradition of focusing on the NCERT book; many questions were from the books published by renowned books of authors famous for books of  IIT level preparation.

“A number of questions were from RD Sharma.” said one of the students.

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