CBSE Answers Questions from students

I am in Class X. I would like to know whether the lesson ‘Electric Motors and Electric Generators in the Magnetic Effect of Current’ will be considered for evaluation in the Board examination.

Is the schematic diagram of domestic circuit included in the syllabus for the Board examination?

No, the diagrams and the detailed working of electric motor and electric generator are not included in the syllabus for the examination purpose.

A student is required to know only the principle on which these machines work.

Yes, the schematic diagram of domestic electrical circuit is included in the syllabus for the Board examination.

Are we required to produce the same diagrams or experiments as given in the NCERT textbook for the board examination?

Will marks be deducted if we exceed the given word limit?

Will marks be deducted if extra information (other than given in textbook) is written?

Any alternative scientifically correct diagram or experiment is considered equally good for the examination purpose.

No. Marks are not deducted for exceeding the word limit. However, it is better to write to the point and exact answers in order to save time.

It is always better to write the desired answer as per the requirements of the question. Unnecessary information in the answer does not get any additional credit.

Do we have to study the additional exercises in Class XII physics textbook? Will those questions be asked in the board examination?

The question papers are designed on the basis of concepts and content areas included in the prescribed syllabus. You may refer to the same and prepare for the board examination accordingly. Many of the questions included in different categories of exercises of prescribed textbooks are meant for strengthening of basic concepts and deeper understanding of the same.

Are we required to study the science activities given in Class X textbook for the board exam?

Yes. These activities are directly related to the concepts included in the syllabus and hence are to be carried out during classroom learning and understood for the board exam.

I am a Class XII student. I would like to know the important chapters I should study for good marks.

It is not advisable to do selective study for examinations. The board has prescribed the syllabus for every subject. One is expected to study thoroughly for the whole of this syllabus in order to score good marks in the examination.

I have heard that the topics ‘Electric Motor’ and ‘Electric Generator’ are deleted from the syllabus. Is this true? Is everything under this topic deleted or is it only with respect to the working of these machines? Do we have to learn the diagram?

The diagram and the detailed working of ‘Electric Motor’ or ‘Electric Generator’ is not included in the syllabus. However, a student is required to know the principle of working of these machines.