+2 Physics Electronics Modern Physics Plus Two Physics questionbank Revision Tests


1. Draw a circuit diagram of OR gate. 2. What is a logic gate? 3. What types of charge-carriers are there in a n-type semi conductor? 4. Give the logical symbol of an AND gate. Mark the inputs and outputs. 5. Draw the logic symbol for a NAND gate. 6. Which biasing will make the […]

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Class 12 Physics : Electrostatics Revision Test

Max marks:50 Time:2hrs A glass rod rubbed with silk acquires a charge of 6×10-12 C. Calculate the number of electrons it has gained or lost. (1) If the magnitude of each charge becomes doubled, the separation between them is halved and the system of charges kept in a medium of=3 Calculate the force between them. […]

CLASS XI Revision Tests

Class XI Physics Chapter wise Revision Test – Gravitation and Waves

PHYSICS TESTPAPER CLASS XI GRAVITATION AND WAVES   Instructions Questions 1 to 5 carries one mark each Questions 5 to 10 carries 2 marks each Questions 10 to 15 carries 3 marks each Questions 16 and 17 carries 5 marks each   What are mechanical waves? The time period of a vibrating source producing sound […]

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Class XI Physics Revision Tests – Thermodynamics

PHYSICS TEST PAPER THERMODYNAMICS Max marks 35 Time 1 ½ hrs Questions 1 to 5: 1 mark  each Questions 6 to 10: 2 marks each Questions 11 to 15: 3 marks each Question 16: 5 marks What is an isochoric process? On what factors does the efficiency of a Carnot engine depend? State second law […]