Mirror Mirror Relativity

Can you see your image when you are travelling at the speed of light? Visitors and students are requested to respond and answer via comments. Einstein’s Theory of relativity says:”The Laws of Physics are the same in any Inertial Frame of Reference.”

How does the size of the bulb in thermometers affect the range and sensitivity of the thermometer?

Do you have an answer? Please feel free to post your answer. We’ll elaborate it after receiving your responses as comments Related posts:Science Physics Project Links

Related posts:Science Physics Project Links

Carbon Nanotubes to Store Solar Energy

MIT Researchers have developed a new solar thermal fuel that could store up to 10,000 times more energy than previous systems. The fuel consits os CNT modified with azobenzene. The finding is still in development stage.
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Latest Research Publications of interest – NISCAIR

Performance analysis of voice activity detection algorithm for robust speech recognition system under different noisy environment Authors:  Babu, C Ganesh Vanathi, P T Ramachandran, R Rajaa, M Senthil Vengatesh, R Abstract:  This study evaluates performance of objective measures in terms of predicting quality of noisy input speech signal using voice activity detection (VAD). Implementation process…… Continue reading Latest Research Publications of interest – NISCAIR