I got the following by email …. There were about 70 scientists working on a very hectic project. All of  them were really  frustrated due to the pressure of work and the  demands of their boss but everyone was loyal  to him and did not think of quitting the job.  One day, one scientist came…… Continue reading PERFECT BOSSS..

Physics doubts from Class XI student

How to check the correctness of equation s=u+0.5a(2n-1) using dimensional analysis?(Please describe) In law of conservation of linear momentum derivation,why force acting on body B by A is taken as product of mass and acceleration of "B" and not "A" instead of "B"?   Answer The accuracy is checked as usual, but remember that the…… Continue reading Physics doubts from Class XI student

Questions received from a curious UG student

I have several doubts in physics.Would you like to answer me please?The following are the doubtful questions I have – 1.What is meant by ‘Radic’? 2.What is a ‘parallelopiped’?Is it a 3-dimensional parallelogram? 3.Why does no electric current flow through vacuum? 4.When several transparent materials are kept above each other, the resultant behaves like an…… Continue reading Questions received from a curious UG student