The Chipmunk Physics Engine on PSP

Videos have been uploaded on Youtube about the latest version of Chipmunk Physics engine on the Sony Playstation Portable console as the gaming trend takes a turn towards technology which combines law of physics with the excitement of gaming. It is a portable open source two dimensional rigid body physics library distributed under the MIT…… Continue reading The Chipmunk Physics Engine on PSP

How was your Physics Practical Examination?

Hello students! It’s the time of AISSCE Practical Examination. How was your Physics Practical Examination and Viva? Which questions were asked to you? Which were the experiments and activities you were asked to perform? How farely did you do it? Share your experience here as comments to this post. Your responses will be a boon…… Continue reading How was your Physics Practical Examination?

Interesting News in Physics

Dancing in the quantum world – A new project known as “Danceroom Spectroscopy” represents a genuine fusion of art and science, resulting in an impressive visual art show that is driven by real physical laws. The project’s mastermind is David Glowacki, a researcher at the University of Bristol in the UK. In this special…… Continue reading Interesting News in Physics

How does the size of the bulb in thermometers affect the range and sensitivity of the thermometer?

Do you have an answer? Please feel free to post your answer. We’ll elaborate it after receiving your responses as comments Related posts:Science Physics Project Links

Related posts:Science Physics Project Links

Solution to HC Verma Problem

“Referring to HC Verma Part 2, chapter 29, Electric field and potential, Q 69 I think that Force is inversely proportional to square of the distance between the charged particles, so acceleration is not constant and hence v*v  =  u*u  + 2*a*s   is not valid in this case. […]

What is the difference between centre of gravity,centroid and centre of mass ?

Centroid is the geometric centre of a plane figure or object Centroid divides the shape into regions of equal moments.     Centre of mass is the mean location of all masses in a system   Centre of gravity is the point through which the w…