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The problem of a rock thrown vertically up

A rock is thrown vertically upward from the ground with an initial speed 15m/s.
a. how high does it go b. how much time is required for the rock to reach its maximum height? c. what is the rock’s height at t=2.00s?
(Posted by Merhawi)
v=0 m/s […]

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Why protons attract inside a nucleus?

What is the reason for proton- proton attraction inside the nucleus according to nuclear physics? (Sanjeev Asked) Answer: Inside the nucleus where the nucleons are very close to each other, the force which holds them together is the nuclear force, which is the strongest force in nature. The electrostatic force between protons is negligibly small […]

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Bringing Fusion Reactor to a Reality :: Read and Watch the efforts and Achievements

Know more about the Nuclear fusion Reactor and the efforts behind bringing it to a reality. Fusion – the nuclear process that powers the Sun – has long held promise as a potential source of energy here on Earth. But recreating such conditions under experimental conditions is far from easy, which is one reason why […]