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Solutions to HC Verma’s Concepts of Physics – Weblinks

We found the following website links which offer solutions to HC Verma’s Concepts of Physics.

Though there are some errors and omissions, these links will help at least get ideas which lead towards the solution. Students are advised to try to solve the problems themselves and consult the solution only if they are not getting the correct answer. Please satisfy your own knowledge and understanding before believing on any online solutions.

Please bring to our notice if you find any error in these online solutions.

Weblinks for Solutions to H C Verma’s Concepts of Physics

  1. http://www.scribd.com/doc/52121841/Solutions-to-Concepts-of-Physics-by-HC-Verma-Chapter-5
  2. http://www.scribd.com/doc/61351669/Solutions-to-Concepts-of-Physics-by-HC-Verma-Chapter-6
  3. http://www.scribd.com/doc/61351011/Solutions-to-Concepts-of-Physics-by-HC-Verma-Chapter-8
  4. http://www.scribd.com/doc/43123490/Solutions-to-Concepts-of-Physics-by-HC-Verma-Chapter-10
  5. http://www.scribd.com/doc/49080270/Solutions-to-Concepts-of-Physics-by-HC-Verma-Chapter-12
  6. https://sites.google.com/site/physicsclassroomonline/h-c-verma-concepts-of-physics-chapter-wise-solutions
  7. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDF8104B8EFE417FC








General Instructions:

  • All questions are compulsary
  • There are 30 questions in total. Questions 1 to 8 carry 1 mark each. Questions 9 to 18 carry 2 marks each. Questions 19 to 27 carry 3 marks each and questions 28 to 30 carry 5 marks each.
  • Use of calculators is not permitted.


******Choices are avoided as this is a question paper meant for practice ***********

********************* (more…)

Solution to HC Verma Problem

“Referring to HC Verma Part 2, chapter 29, Electric field and potential, Q 69
I think that Force is inversely proportional to square of the distance between the charged particles, so acceleration is not constant and hence
v*v  =  u*u  + 2*a*s   is not valid in this case.
How is proceed with this question ?” Satyam asked

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  • heat of problem from H C Verma
  • Physic numerical solved HC VERMA

How to prepare for IIT JEE?

Surya Kant Dwivedi asks: “I am always confused in Physics that how can i do my best in Physics. It is my weakest portion in ’PCM’. Please guide me.

Excelling in Physics in IIT JEE requires systematic planned preparation. The first step is to make sure that you can solve all the exercises from NCERT text book (including the solved examples and additional exercises) confidently and completely. This ensures that you have sufficient exposure and you are up to the standard expected of you.

The next step is to get a good collection of questions asked previously in IIT JEE and solve them. If you are not able to solve a problem, you are welcome to post it here.

Recommended Books:

Fundamentals of Physics (Resnick Hallidey)

Concepts of Physics (HC Verma)

Irodov Problem in Physics

How to make Physics better?

Shilpa posted a question via the contact form available here:

“Can you suggest me some ways and books to make my physics better?”

She was considering the question as a silly one. But this is a serious question. Many of us do not ask many questions which come into our mind out of the thought that it may be silly or foolish.

“Only those questions are foolish which are not asked”

As the motto of our sister project “AskPhysics” goes.

How to make Physics better?

Here actually the question is not to make Physics better, but it is to make the performance and understanding in Physics better.

Making the fundamentals strong.

The basic principles of Physics must be grasped right from the grassroot level and must be assimilated through practice of related problems.  The wide range of phenomena and applications coming under Physics are all based on a handful of laws and principles.

Practice Problems:

Physics is basically a problem solving discipline and must be taken in that spirit. After learning a concept try to solve as much problems related to it as possible. This well help you to apply what you have learnt and will encourage you to think in multiple dimensions thereby developing your brain functioning. This will be of great help to solve problems of real help too. A person with strong problem solving ability in Physics will be successful in life too. (In handling and solving problems)

Visualize what you learn:

Do not try to learn things as mere “text”. Grasping Physics requires lot of imagination. When you learn something, try to visualize it. Draw diagrams to understand things better.

Ask Questions.

In learning (particularly Physics), “Questioning every answer is more important than answering every question“. Think deeply on whatever you learn and try to question the new knowledge. Dare asking doubts to your teachers. (If you cannot, post them at www.askphysics.com or http://physicsforum.plustwophysics.com)

Collect and solve previous question papers.

This is important to get a better score in exams.

Suggested Books

For developing a strong foundation in Physics.

  • Conceptual Physics: Paul G Hewitt
  • Fundamentals of Physics : Hallidey Resnick Krane

For Problem Solving

  • Concepts of Physics: HC Verma
  • Problems in Physics : IE Irodov

Here are some links to further exploring “How to Study Physics?


Doubt from HC Verma’s Concepts of Physics Volume I

If any one can explain step wise calculation of Example no. 17 of Chapter 2 of concepts of Physics by H C Verma Vol. 1.
Thanks in advance


HC Verma Problem 2.17 solution

Solutions to the entire problems from concepts of Physics by HC Verma available at http://sites.google.com/site/physicsclassroomonline as well as www.plustwophysics.com

Chapter wise solutions to H C Verma’s Concepts of Physics Part 1

Problems from H C Verma‘s Concepts of Physics is considered a must work out assignment by most of the IIT aspirants.

Here you can find the solutions to the problems chapterwise. The downloads are based on the old edition of HC Verma’s Concepts of Physics. In case the book is revised, the answers and solutions may not match. Students will have to use your senses to find out. We cannot reproduce the questions for reasons known to all.

If you donot have a copy of HC Verma’s concepts of Physics, Buy it here at the lowest price.

The solutions can be downloaded in pdf format by clicking on the links below.

  1. CHAPTER 1
  2. CHAPTER 2
  3. CHAPTER 3
  4. CHAPTER 4
  5. CHAPTER 5
  6. CHAPTER 6
  7. CHAPTER 7
  8. CHAPTER 8
  9. CHAPTER 9
  10. CHAPTER 10
  11. CHAPTER 11
  12. CHAPTER 12
  13. CHAPTER 13
  14. CHAPTER 14
  15. CHAPTER 15
  16. CHAPTER 16
  17. CHAPTER 17
  18. CHAPTER 18
  19. CHAPTER 19
  20. CHAPTER 20
  21. CHAPTER 21
  22. CHAPTER 22


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