52-year-old millionaire mayor came to give the matriculation examination

At a time when people discontinue studies for various reasons, 59-year-old Mayor Shiv Singh of Bharatpur set an amazing example before the world ! Mayor Shiv Singh arrived at the first examination center where students and administrators stirred in. But as a student when they set their seat so everyone understood the matter. He explains…… Continue reading 52-year-old millionaire mayor came to give the matriculation examination

Which books should be referred for IIT JEE ?

We have received hundreds of questions on the above subject. As the questions continue to pour in, we found it necessary to create a post on it.
IIT JEE is an entrance exam of international repute and IITs are considered at par with MIT by many. So, if you are an IIT aspirant, it is very […]

Idea on origin of Gravity – A discussion

Derek shares his idea on origin of Gravity – “if you were to suddenly put a large object in space then the space would  be pushed out to the sides (displacement) . because the object  is now in the place were space once  occupied ?? so space is just pushing  back to its original area ???? is this what gravity is??? or […]

Electrons and flow of electrons – Did you have this doubt before?

“When an electric cell is connected to a circuit, electrons flow away from the negative terminal in the circuit. But within the cell, electrons flow to the negative terminal. Explain? Answer: The question seems to be the result of some misconceptions. If we consider an electrochemical cell, it is the chemical reactions which develops and …Read the full post

How to tackle problems with constraint relations?

“Can you suggest a way to tackle problems on constraint relations easily??” – Aritra posted this question. Answer: The common way to solve problems involving constraints is to replace the constraints with their reaction forces. As the question is not specific, I cannot tell much now. If you have further doubts regarding this issue, please …Read the full post

Valentine’s Day Physics Contest !

What Physics in Valentine’s Day Contest Share what Physics you applied on Valentine’s Day. Add your entry as comment. Only approved entries will be published. Best of the entries received will get free registration card/login card worth Rs. 995/- for www.exam2home.com – An online portal for exam preparation. The entries must be genuine and should…… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Physics Contest !

KVS Announces Exam Dates for SA II for IX and X and Annual exam for Class XI

Date Sheet for SA-II Class IX-2010-2011 Date IX (School Level SA-II) 03.03.2011 Thursday ………. 04.03.2011 Friday Social Science 05.03.2011 Saturday …………… 07.03.2011 Monday …………… 08.03.2011 Tuesday Maths 09.03.2011 Wednesday …………… 10.03.2011 Thursday Sanskrit 11.03.2011 Friday …………… 14.3.2011 Monday …………… 15.03.2011 Tuesday Science 16.03.2011 Wednesday …………… 17.03.2011 Thursday English 18.03.2011 Friday …………… 21.03.2011 Monday Hindi EXAMINATION…… Continue reading KVS Announces Exam Dates for SA II for IX and X and Annual exam for Class XI