Electromagnetic Waves is the smallest chapter for Class XII students and CBSE has assigned 3 marks for this chapter. You can download the lecture notes from Electromagnetic Waves here

The Bare Minimum Package for Class XII – Alternating Current

Find below a collection of chosen questions and answers for those who find it difficult to get good marks in Physics. Please download and study the answers well. We plan to provide such packages for all chapters. Please provide your comments so that we can improve this initiative as per your need. Click class_xii_ac_circuits to…… Continue reading The Bare Minimum Package for Class XII – Alternating Current

Download AISSCE 2011 Sample Papers for Class XII CBSE

Practising sample papers, model papers and previous question papers is the easiest and fool proof way of scoring big in exams. Here you can find the sample papers published by CBSE for candidates for AISSCE 2011 Physics – Paper-I |   Paper-II |   Paper-III

Alternating Current Circuits and EM Waves Test Paper (KV Pattom)

Download the test paper from Alternating Current and Electromagnetic Waves (Class XII Physics) AC & EM Waves Test Paper

CBSE Class X SA 1 conducted under CCE

Image via Wikipedia Download CBSE Class X SA 1 2010 – 2011conducted under CCE by KVS Chennai Region Given in both English and Hindi CBSE X SA I Science 2010 – 2011

Weightless Wonder : Reduced Gravity Flight

Follow the link below to watch and download NASA’s article on Reduced gravity flights DOWNLOADS > Weightless Wonder Educator Edition (PDF 295 KB) > Weightless Wonder Student Edition (PDF 301 KB) Related Resources > VIDEO: Microgravity University Flight Video