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Did CBSE shock students in Chemistry too?

AISSCE Chemistry reported to be tough and different from previous years. What’s your opinion? Post your reactions at CBSE Chemistry website

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Why protons attract inside a nucleus?

What is the reason for proton- proton attraction inside the nucleus according to nuclear physics? (Sanjeev Asked) Answer: Inside the nucleus where the nucleons are very close to each other, the force which holds them together is the nuclear force, which is the strongest force in nature. The electrostatic force between protons is negligibly small […]

CBSE Chemistry

Now a site for PlusTwo Chemistry too …

How was the CBSE Chemistry Paper 2011 ? Click Here to respond Visit for Free help in Chemistry. The site is just started and aims at helping students up to plus Two to get free online help in Chemistry. Chemistry is often referred to as an unpredictable subject as far as the CBSE exam […]