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Class X CBSE Results 2014 are ready for Publishing

It is known from reliable sources that the CBSE Result 2014 for Class 10 is ready for publication and the authorities are waiting for a nod from the higher ups. On getting the nod, the results can be published in hours. If the higher ups give permission, the CBSE Class 10 result may be published […]

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The CBSE Results 2012for class X (AISSE) and class XII (AISSCE) will be published by the third week of May 2012. For Class X, the CCE details are being uploaded by the Vidyalayas to CBSE server. The schools are given time till 15 April for updating the marks up to Summative Assessment 2 for Class […]

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Download sample question papers from CBSE

  Sample Question Paper for Class IX & X for Term II (Second Term – March 2012) Sample Question Paper, Syllabus and Guidelines for Class IX & X for Term I (First Term – Setember 2011) Sample Question Paper for Class IX & X for Term II (Second Term – March 2011) Sample Question Paper […]

CBSE CCE Class X Results

CBSE Class X Results 2011

CBSE will be announcing the Class X results 2011 probably on Tuesday, 31 May 2011, in case it is not able to declare results by 3 pm on Monday, 30 May 2011. The results will be available at

CCE Class X

Some sample questions from Physics for SA 2 of CCE class X

List the three phenomenon responsible for the formation of rainbow. (Ans: Refraction, Dispersion, (Total)Internal reflection) Why do stars twinkle, but planets do not? (Ans: The twinkling is caused by the variation of intensity of light entering our eye from the stars. The starts are far away from us and they are seen in a position different from their […]