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Ask Physics is now more dynamic and Social Networking enabled. Members enjoy a lot of facilities like face book integration, making friends online, sending private messages, forums and groups and many more. Visit ask physics to find out the new additions and facilities. Though anyone can ask a question and get the answers by email,…… Continue reading Now have more fun at

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We have changed the design and added some features on trial basis. DO you like them? If you have any suggestions or face any problems in using them, please post them as comments to this. Is the current design better than the previous one? Please respond….

Optional Proficiency Test for Class-X

CBSE is conducting an optional proficiency test in all the five main subjects from next year. The proposed Proficiency Test is being conducted with the broad objectives of : acting as a benchmark in testing of skills and higher mental abilities of students providing motivation to students for academic excellence in the respective subject providing…… Continue reading Optional Proficiency Test for Class-X

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