Plus Two Physics


Physics offers challenging, exciting, and productive careers. As a career, physics covers many specialized fields–from acoustics, astronomy, and astrophysics to medical physics, geophysics, and vacuum sciences. Physics offers a variety of work activities–lab supervisor, researcher, technician, teacher, manager. Physics opens doors to employment opportunities throughout the world in government, industry, schools, and private organizations. 

FIELDS where PHYSICS is vital. 

 Electronic, Biomedical, Mechanical, Computer, Civil, Chemical, Environmental, Aeronautical and Instrumentation.


 Law, Administration, Business, Journalism, Museums, Sports, Accounting, Marketing, Art, Science Communication.


 Industry, Government, Military

 Environmental Science

 Noise control, Pollution control, Conservation, Radiation protection, Environmental monitoring.


 Technical books, Journals, Software.


 Telecommunications, Television, Image analysis, Video recording, Photography, Laser Technology.


 Radiation Oncology, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Radiation Protection, Nuclear Medicine, Diagnostic Instrumentation.

 Computer Science

 Graphics/Software Design, Peripherals Modelling, Artificial Intelligence, Data Processing, Programming, Computer Games.


 Construction, Food, Chemical, Aerospace, Engineering, Agriculture, Consumer Products, Energy, Fuel, Metallurgical, Semiconductors, Textile & Clothing, Transportation, Computers, Electrical, Laser Technology, Materials.


 Colleges, Universities, Technical Schools, Elementary and Middle Schools.

 Basic Research

 Universities, Technical Schools, National Laboratories, Industrial and Private Laboratories.

 Space and Earth Sciences

 Astronomy, Space Technology, Geophysics, Geology, Atmospheric Sciences, Energy & Resources, Ocean Sciences.

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