• if space time started with the origin of the universe, is it not for our universe. Can’t there be another such universes?
  • Is it not possible that the primordial mass existed within a bigger universe – the mother of all baby universes?
  • Are there any theories disproving such a possibility? I’ve not heard so far. If there is a mother of all Universe, still the Big Bang theory can work well.
  • The universe didn’t started counting time; we started it. So what is the problem in counting back from the origin of our universe just like we refer to AD and BC
  • The time relevant to us is the time after the origin of our universe. But why should we deny the existence of time and hence some extra (our)universal events before the origin of our universes? – just for the sake of some theories? The discussions must be left open

Author: physicsfundamentals


  1. I discussed these these things to myself a lot and became mad a lot many times.
    I also thought this way a universe is there inside everything. and this universe is inside another.
    Lets take our eye.
    there are lot many cells and each cells have lot many atoms in it and each atoms with some electrons in it.There we stop.We cant say there is something inside an electron.So there, Its an universe there are galaxies in it but we cant sense there is earth too. and there is a man there just like you.In his eyes there are cells and cells have atoms with electrons,again another universe.Also we are in a universe may be in an eye or finger of a man.

    How is that?
    The biggest Blunder of The Year