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    1. Use Newton’s laws of motion and free body diagrams. When we are at rest or moving up or down without acceleration, our weight will be equal to T.
      But when moving with acceleration, it will be different. While climbing up with acceleration, ma = T-mg
      or T = m(a+g)

  1. when we climb up then rope is very tight because of our weight. then tension is greater than weight so climb. there ma=T-mg (because tension is greater)you right admin

  2. relation between electrivc field intensity and flux density in case of sphere containing charge
    a) d=e/e0
    b) d=q/e0
    c) d=e.e0
    d) d=none

  3. specific resistance of copper wire is 1.6 into 10 rest to the power -8 ohm.m. What happens to its specific resistance and resistance if one meter long wire is cut in to two pieces??

    plz answer it.

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