A Random Test from Magnetism

Each question carries one mark

    • What is a magnetic dipole?
    • What is the difference between electric field lines and magnetic field lines?
    • Write an expression for the magnetic field at a point on the axis of a circular group carrying current and hence write equation for the magnetic dipole moment of the loop?
    • What is Bohr magneton and write its equation and value?
    • State Gauss’s law in magnetism?
    • Define magnetic meridian?
    • Define magnetic declination?
    • Define angle of dip or magnetic inclination?
    • Define magnetizing force and intensity of magnetization?
    • Draw the hysteresis loop for a ferromagnetic substance.
    • Define retentivity and coercivity
    • Repulsion the surest test of polarity. Comment
    • State Curie’s law of magnetism
    • Define magnetic susceptibility
    • Compare the relative permeability of paramagnetic , diamagnetic and ferromagnetic substances.

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