Plus Two Physics

A Random Collection of Sample Questions for Class XI

1 MARK Questions

  1. What is the ratio of the S.I. to the c.g.s. units of work?
  2. What is the ratio of the K.E. of the body at the bottom to the K.E. at the top, while it is describing a vertical circle of radius ‘r’?
  3. On earth the value of G is 6.673 ´ 10-11Nm2kg-2. What is its value on moon where ‘g’ is nearly six times smaller than that on earth?
  4. Define Force constant and give its dimensional formula.
  5. What are infrasonic waves?

2 MARKS Questions

  1. Force (F) and density(d) are related as , where a and b are dimensional constants. Write the dimensional formula for a and b.
  2. A body is moving with a uniform acceleration of 10ms-2. If it starts moving from rest, calculate its displacement after 5 seconds.
  3. “A cricket player lowers his hands to catch the ball safely.” Explain why.
  4. Explain the need of banking of tracks.
  5. Can a centripetal force do a work on the rotating body? Explain your answer.
  6. Derive relation between torque and angular momentum.
  7. State Kepler’s second and third laws of planetary motion.
  8. Explain why a gas has two specific heats?
  9. At what distance from the mean position in S.H.M., the energy is half kinetic and half potential?
  10. What is Doppler’s effect? Derive expression for the apparent frequency when sound is in motion and listener is at rest.

3 MARKS Questions

  1. Define Dimensional formula. Give uses of Dimensional analysis.
  2. A projectile is thrown parallel to the horizontal. What is the velocity and the angle which the projectile will make with the horizontal after time ‘t’.
  3. Prove that Newton’s second law is the real law of motion.
  4. Distinguish between conservative and non-conservative forces. Show that gravitational force is a conservative force.
  5. The momentum of a body increases by 20%. What is the percentage increase in kinetic energy?
  6. What will be the duration of the day, if earth contracts to the  of  its original volume, mass remaining constant?
  7. If radius of earth were increased by a factor of 3, by what factor would its density have to be changed to keep the value of ‘g’ same.
  8. Calculate the energy spent in spraying a drop of mercury of 1cm radius into 106 droplets, all of same size. Surface tension of mercury is 55´10-2 Nm-1.
  9. A Carnot engine operates between 500k and 400k. If it absorbs 6´105 cal heat at higher temperature, how much work per cycle can the engine perform?
  10. Derive an expression for total energy of a particle executing S.H.M.
  11. Show that the ratio of frequencies of first three harmonics in open end organ pipe is 1: 2 : 3.

5 MARKS Questions

  1. Derive a relation for the distance covered in nth by a uniformly accelerated body. A body is moving with a uniform acceleration. Its velocity after 5 seconds is 25 m/s and after 8 seconds is 34 m/s. Calculate the distance it will cover in the 10th second.
  2. State and prove Bernoulli’s theorem for a non-viscous liquid.
  3. From kinetic theory of gas, find an expression for pressure exerted by gas on the walls of container.

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What is the Force Constant in the ques. no. 4 related to ?
Is it spring force constant or the ‘k’ that we use in the equation F = k.m.a ?

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