A Numerical Problem from motion

A small smooth object slides down a smooth incline plane, inclined at am angle 30 to the horizontal. What is

  • the acceleration down the plane?
  • The time to reach the bottom if the plane is 50m long?

The object is now thrown up the plane with an initial velocity me 15m/s ; how long does it take to object to come to rest and how far up the plane has the object then travelled?

(Students and visitors are requested to attempt and post the answers as comments. The master will answer the question soon)

One thought on “A Numerical Problem from motion

  1. accn down the plane is 5 m/s^2.the time required is 4.472 seconds.

    the second part of it, the time to stop is 3 seconds and distance travelled up the plane is 22.5 m.

    please post tougher questions.

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