52-year-old millionaire mayor came to give the matriculation examination

At a time when people discontinue studies for various reasons, 59-year-old Mayor Shiv Singh of Bharatpur set an amazing example before the world ! Mayor Shiv Singh arrived at the first examination center where students and administrators stirred in. But as a student when they set their seat so everyone understood the matter.

bharatpur_mayorHe explains that in the years 1971-72 he stopped studying for any reason, and it always aggrieved him.

Flying squad

When the flying squad arrived for checking in the middle of exams, they asked him to remove the shoe. Mayer took shoes off without any argument to support them.

Mayor Shiv Singh is a millionaire …

Shiv Singh of 59 years, Mayor of Bharatpur are among the richest people and has many business in the city including petrol pumps.


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